Wanted: 2 new clients!!

Wanted: 2 new Pilates students to start in August or September 2018!!!
I’m starting Advanced Pilates Teacher Training in September and I’m looking for 2 people to go on this journey with me. No Pilates experience necessary but Pilates experience is ok too! Interested? Read the details below. Guess what? Barley is waiting for you!!

What you’ll experience:

You’ll be participating in the Pilates fitness system that is proven, progressive and safe! The Pilates fitness system is similar to martial arts where we build a foundation of fundamentals and then progress on to more challenging movements as your strength, flexibility and stamina improve. To be candid, Pilates is exercise and you’ll be challenged to push past limitations and hesitations but never past what your body is ready to handle on any given day. You’ll experience both the mat exercises and the equipment exercises. All lessons are private lessons – just you and me.

Who is this opportunity ideal for:

It is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to improve his or her fitness and health . My current client base is half men and half women with an assortment of goals from sports performance to being fit to travel the globe with ease, and to being able to play with grandchildren.

Pricing https://wp.me/PTgvZ-9L

12 x 12 challenge and carrot https://wp.me/PTgvZ-ha

Here is what some of my clients have to say about Today Pilates:

“Relaxing, energizing, hard work and I see results”. JG

“I continue to see improvements in my strength, stability and flexibility. I love the clean and organized environment and Kimberly’s enthusiasm and caring.” JM

“Pilates is a big investment but worth it because it hits the core of our health. It lays an amazing foundation for all of life and fitness”. MP

“With Pilates I have improved my posture, reduced my daily pain and I have gained control over my body.” LT

“I really like the detailed instruction Kimberly gives and I keep feeling better and stronger all the time.” SE

Do I have to be in physical shape to start this program?

No. You can be out of physical condition or be a highly trained athlete. You must free of acute injuries when you start the program (old stuff is to be expected) and you cannot be pregnant.

Do I have to have 2-3 lessons per week?

Yes, consistency will bring the best results! I say 12 lessons per month because there is “magic” in 3 times per week. However, we will encounter weeks where there is travel, vacation or illness and that’s why I say “average” over the 12 months. Some weeks may be 1-2 or 0 and others will be 4 to make up for the missed lessons. We will work this out – I’ve had clients doing this for 3 years now and we’ve never missed hitting our average of 3 per week!

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing that is form fitting; similar to what you’d wear to a yoga class.

Do I need to purchase any supplies to participate?

The only thing required is to purchase “toe” socks that separate your toes and have grippers on the bottom. These can be found locally at Target, Marshalls and TJ Max or easily found on Amazon or at www.toesox.com.

Where will the lessons be held?

The lessons are held in my studio at my home near Central and Ridge. There is easy access from Kellogg or 235.

Skype lessons are also available for times when you are out of town!!  Or for those wanting lessons that do not live near Wichita, KS.