Heart FIT for Life

Heart FIT for Life

Since 1999, I have been training myself and others to have a fit heart!  This way of training was created by Dr. Phil Maffetone, the father of  heart rate training.   I have trained more than 200 people in this method with amazing results. This method of training is for EVERYONE not just athletes!!! It is an easy and powerful method of training.  I have seen it work over and over and over again.  The science is proven and true. You will have results that speak for themselves.  Keep reading to see results my clients have experienced!

What can you expect when you exercise using the Heart FIT for LIFE method?

  • A powerful and efficient cardiovascular system
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Increased and improved circulatory system
  • Efficient use of oxygen at low and high intensity activities
  • Greater energy, reduced stress and less frequent illnesses
  • Exercising this way builds you up instead of breaking you down
  • Increased stamina to handle a fast paced life
  • Quicker recovery from all other types of exercise
  • Resilience to oxidative stress – this method stems and reverses the aging process
  • Increases your ability to burn fat for energy
  • Helps to maintain healthy weight
  • Keeps energy consistent through out the day
  • Elevated metabolism
  • Less fat storage
  • Improves sport performance, especially endurance sport performance

How will you know you’re getting there?

You will perform a simple 1 mile walk or run staying at a determined HR (I have a worksheet we will do together to figure this out) and time it.  You’ll repeat this test every 8-12 weeks.  It is called your MAHR test.

  • Your MAHR test will over time allow you to cover the distance of the test in LESS time with the same heart rate.
  • Your resting heart rate will be lower* (takes 3-6 months).
  • Initially, you may need to slow down to keep your HR down.  Over time, you’ll notice that you’ll have to speed up to get your HR up!
  • You’ll notice many of the benefits above in as little as 8 weeks.

Examples of results clients have achieved

Initial MAHR Time        Second MAHR time (12 weeks later)

18:48                                 13:58

14:35                                 11:52

15:54                                11:15

13:59                                13:05

*Implications of a lowered resting heart rate

If you have a RHR of 65 beats per minute your heart beats 93,600 times per day.

If you have a RHR of 55 beats per minute your heart beats 79,200 per day.

5, 265,000 less beats per year.

What do you get with a Heart FIT for Life training plan?

You will receive a 8 week plan fully customized to your goals and current activity and fitness level.


Initial meeting and 8 week training plan $100.

Follow up training plans 8 weeks for $75.