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Yoga, lemons and putting on shoes – comeback week #2

This was the second full week of my “come back”.  Here are my thoughts and things I learned this week.

1.  The Master Cleanse – I started out the week by committing to following Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse.  This is a very old cleanse and detoxification diet.  I have never in my life fasted for 24 straight hours and I’ve only done a big detox once before, back in the late 90’s.  What prompted me to do this?  Well, I really want to take more control over my health through nutrition.  After reading the China Study, Thrive and watching Food Inc. and Forks over knives, I am truly convinced that, through nutrition, we hold more control over our health as we age than we even possibly truly comprehend.  To me, this is very, very exciting and empowering.  So, I made it 2 days out of 10 on the Master Cleanse!  Yikes.  That’s what, 20% – not hardly a passing score but yet… whenever I try a diet, I learn.

I have literally tried nearly every diet out there.  I’m passionate about food, being healthy and staying lean so I try and then I apply what works for me.  After 25+ years of doing this I’ve really developed the “Kimberly diet”.  The master cleanse added to my Kimberly diet.  I learned that I CAN go without any food and coffee at all for 48 hours!  I learned that an empty stomach isn’t a bad thing and that I won’t feel horrible if I’m hungry.  I learned that a lot of lemon juice will make me very nauseated (which is why I quit after 2 days), that grade b maple syrup tastes yummy and is loaded with nutrients and that smooth move tea does just that.  I learned that in just 2 days I can get rid of a LOT of toxins and waste in my body and that when I do, I am lighter physically and I am brighter mentally.  So, I will absolutely do a 1-2 day master cleanse again in the near future.  I do believe it will be part of what I do.  I do believe that I’d time it with a recovery week, because I wouldn’t want to be in a heavy training week when I do it.

I know that the bowl of grape nuts with almond milk I had after 2 days of the master cleanse is probably one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in my life!

Would I recommend the Master Cleanse?  Should you give it a try? Sure. You might make it all 10 days, you might read it and say, “no way” or like me, you may try it and make it work for you.  You can find 2 different books about it – one written by Stanley Burroughs who came up with it in the 1940’s or 1950’s and one by Peter Glickman who has revived it and stay true to Mr. Burroughs.

2.  My back.  Oh my back is getting so much better.  No, it’s not right yet and it can still get cranky very quickly.  But it is so much better.  I can easily put on my shoes, shave my legs, bend over to pick something up and turn around in my car to get something out of the back seat.  Those may not sound like things an athlete would be so pleased to do and yet, I am.  I am very pleased to do these things.  I attribute much of this improvement to a great Kinesiologist, Dr. Z and to great yoga and Pilates instruction.   In particular, yoga has been very healing for me and since I started doing yoga 3-5 days per week 3 weeks ago, my back has improved by leaps and bounds each week.  As I do the yoga, I am becoming very aware of my limitations  and how different my right side can be from my left!  As I sat in a yoga class today and worked on opening up my hip muscles, it occurred to me that one of the reasons my running seemed to level off or even regress despite my overall fitness reaching new heights is that my hip muscles, especially the ones responsible for external rotation were keeping me from having proper range of motion in my run gait! So, as I continue with my come back, I’m committed to making yoga and pilates EQUAL in importance to my swimming, biking and running.  Indeed, I’m committing to making yoga, pilates and strength my fitness base and putting swimming, biking and running on top of that solid foundation.  My goals as an athlete are longevity, injury prevention and continual improvement.  I’m pretty convinced that the only way to do this is with a foundation of strength and flexibility.

I did the following this week:

Swim 1 out of 3

Walk 3 out of 4

Yoga 3 out of 3

Pilates 1/2 out of 2 (missed one due to being sick, walked out of one b/c back got cranky)

Mini strength 2 out of 2

(The main reason for missing  workouts was being nauseated.)

This coming week:

Pilates 1

Swim 1

Walk 3-5

Yoga 1

Mini – strength 2

I have family in town and can’t schedule more than that.  If I can, I will add in more yoga.

It’s going to be a long, steady and patient road back.  I am truly enjoying it and I believe that it is making me a better athlete and a better coach.

Triathlon Training

Taking my own advice

As they say, things are often easier to talk about than actually do.  This week, I’ve learned a lot in that area.

First, I completed:

1 swim

3 walks

3 yoga

1 pilates

I’m happy with that.  I missed master’s on Wednesday b/c I just plain stayed up too late on Tuesday night.

In regard to taking my own advise, I am frequently telling those I coach the following:

Be patient with yourself.

Go slow and listen to your body.

Start where you are you won’t stay there.

I showed up to master’s swim on Friday and was told that Wednesday they did the 1000 yard time trial that we do about 3 times per year.  Darn.  I was hoping that our coach would have put that off just a couple more weeks so I could get in better shape.  Well, my lane buddies had all done their testing on Wednesday.  So I partnered up with a friend and we decided to split the lane and do it together.  I was not really nervous but I was pretty sure it was going to hurt.  I hadn’t swam more than 300-400 yards straight since April of this year.  So, I push off and wish that my friend was only just a little faster and I could draft..that didn’t last but 25 yards. She was way faster! So, here I am focusing on swimming as fast and steady as I can and trying to count out 20 laps and I don’t want to swim 21.  At the half way mark, I briefly looked at my watch, it said 8:37.  With that split, I knew there was no option to slow down, which I really wanted to do.  Because any slow down would well…not be good.  800 yards in, I was thinking, I could just throw up.  900 yards in I kind of chuckled and knew that there wouldn’t be a big final 100 yard “kick”…just a struggle to hold on to the pace I had.  I finished in 17:28.  Now, last week I said that I threw out all my numbers so that I could start this second phase in triathlon without looking back or being hung up.  So, the trouble with that is that I remember my last time. It was 16:09. But, I am determined to not look back.  Start where I am.  I am where I am.

Ok, 17:28, that’s where I’m at.  Geez, I was hoping for under 17.  Geez, 17:28, I haven’t swam a 1000 yd. TT that slow in 3 years.  Deep breath.  Ok, well, that’s where I’m at.  I haven’t swam much, haven’t trained at all and this is what happens with 5 months off.  Ok, forward ho.  I’m good.  I just hope that I can keep swimming with my lane buddies.

Later in the day, I decide that I will swim wherever my swim coach puts me.  He knows best.  I trust his decision, I won’t beg to stay in my lane.

Even later in the day, I’m talking with one of my athletes and a light bulb goes off!  Hey, 17:28 is way ok.  It says that my training was EFFECTIVE.  I wasn’t wasting my time.  I was fitter and faster when I was training.  So, it would mean that my training wasn’t effective if my time had only just a little slower.  Before this lightbulb, I was relaxed and settled into my new speed. However, with this realization, the peace became even more deep.  I’ve always trusted a training plan and now I’ve got proof positive for the faith I have in following a training plan.

17:28.  That’s where I am.  I won’t stay there.  It’ll be fun to see what changes and improves between now and the next 1000 yd time trial. I’m patient.  I’m going to enjoy this come back journey!  Stay patient, take it easy, don’t rush it, no set backs…..This is the smart way!!  I tell others this.  I tell myself this.  I will do this!

Week 1.  Done and very satisfied.

Week 2

3 yoga

1 pilates

3 swim – 2 masters, 1 short on my own

3 walks

Try to do a couple of super short strength classes withOUT aggravating the back.

Onward and Upward.

Triathlon Training

The come back

This is the first day of making a slow and patient comeback to the sport of triathlon.

Brief History: I started 2011 by training for a full Ironman distance triathlon.  I got  sidelined due to achilles tendonitis.  Since 4/26/11 I’ve swam a bit, I’ve done a little Pilates and I’ve dealt w/ a painful low back and sciatica issue.  I’ve also relaxed and taken a big break from training, exercise and having a “regimen”.  Much of this, besides the aches and pains, I’ve enjoyed.  See, I was in a state of “got to” regarding training instead of “get to”.

Purpose:  The purpose of blogging and tweeting this come back is threefold.  1.  So that I commit to tracking my progress, something I’m not very good at.  2.  So that I can show others that training and the process works!  As a coach, I’m always saying “start where you are, you won’t stay there”, “listen to your body”, “recover”, “be patient”, “stay in zone 2, not one beat over”.  I’ve longed lived by those words, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had to walk in zone 2!!  So, now I have to start where so many of my athletes start, square 1. Ready to hold me accountable?  Good! 3.  To look forward and not back.  I haven’t raced since 11/13/10.  I want to make come back without looking back.  So, on the desk right now, I have my detailed history of nearly all the triathlons I have done since 2004.  I am not who I was.  I don’t know yet, who I will be as I redevelop myself as a triathlete.  So, I’m throwing out that old spreadsheet. I’m pressing forward, not looking back.  Whew…that was hard as all get out. But tossing those records gives me freedom. Now, I won’t be held back or hung up by the past.

Goal:  Savage Man Triathlon 70.0  2013.

(Yes, 2013 is the correct year…I plan to take my time, build up nice and strong and healthy, no rushing.)

Training “Plan” for the upcoming week:  Each day do something – 20 to 30 minutes of walking, some core work.  Each week swim at masters at the Northwest YMCA twice and do Yoga at least 3 times.  No daily schedule, listen to my body and respond w/ the right training.  If the back stays happy, then I’ll  try a short and easy kettlebell workout and participate in Wednesday night strength class with Try a Tri as my body allows.

Today’s Training Sessions:  A zone 2 walk for 19:11, average hr of 119 and calories burned of 78.  Felt good.  This was a slow walk on a beautiful fall morning.  If my music got peppy so did my walk and I would find myself up to 133.  Oops, slow it down, slow it down. I’ll go to a Yoga class today at 2:00 pm.

Daily: Follow me on Twitter at kimtri3, I’ll post what my training each day consists of.

Weekly: I’ll post a new blog w/ how the past week went and what I “plan” for the upcoming week.

I’m happy to finally be at the point where I am ready to very slowly begin again.  I haven’t been ready mentally and neither has my body.  I don’t think I’m ready for a lot..but I’m ready to start.  I hope you’ll join me, I’m excited to see what unfolds and what there is to learn in this my  second season of being a triathlete!

Triathlon Training

The Chia Seed – a great nutritional and endurance performance supplement

The Chia Seed – Super food for endurance athletes

I don’t believe in miracles for weight loss or 1 super duper food or diet that magically makes us lean and mean. However, I DO believe in the power of super foods and want to highlight one such food for you – Chia Seeds. As we approach summer and training and racing in the heat, the call of adding chia seeds to our diet grows louder!!

I started using chia seeds last summer as I trained to ride 112 miles as part of an Ironman relay team with my friends, Bruce and Paul.

My primary reason for using them was to increase my ability to stay hydrated during training and reduce my dependency on water and nutrition as I raced. I had very, very good luck with it.

I’ve been reading more on Chia and I’m finding very, very good reasons to make it a part of my every day diet to improve nutrition, aid fat loss, improve performance and enhance recovery.

Chia seeds are low in sodium, high in fiber, high in omega 3 fatty acids (these are the kind found in Salmon) and loaded with anti-oxidants. They are an excellent mix of high quality fat, slow absorbing carbohydrate and quality plant protein – making it an IDEAL sport and nutritional supplement!! Chia seeds are anti-inflammatory and that’s so important to recovery since reducing inflammation speeds recovery.

They are nearly flavorless.

Today I tossed 1 tablespoon into my organic cottage cheese along w/ yellow grape tomatoes, a little chopped green onion and a peppadew pepper diced (you can find these little red, round kind of spicy, pickled peppers at the olive bar at Dillons. They are yummy.) This was delicious as well as very colorful and pretty. But, I digress…back to the Chia seed.

Nutritional profile of Chia Seeds

1 ounce = 2 Tablespoons
Calories = 137
Fat = 9 grams
Carbohydrate- 12 grams
Fiber= 11 grams
Sugar= 0 (zero!)
Protein= 4 grams

Add 2 Tablespoon (about 1 ounce) to just about anything – in oatmeal, on top of a salad, in a smoothie.

Or you can make a gel to add to things or take as a training nutritional aid. This gel will keep in the fridge for a couple of weeks. It takes some time for the chia seeds to absorb the water. So combine them in the proportions listed below and put in a container in the fridge, wait a few hours or overnight and you’ll have your flavorless gel. Additionally, you could also do this with a juice as a gel for training purposes. I’ve heard a few people recommend w/ orange juice, but probably any juice would work. Chia seeds can absorb 12 times their weight in water. This lends new meaning to the term bloated doesn’t it?

Chia gel recipe:
7-8 parts water + 1 part chia seed.

Juice chia gel w/ electrolytes:
7-8 parts juice (or ½ juice, ½ water) + 1 part chia seed + electrolytes such as salt tabs or endurolytes. Add the amount of electrolytes that you need for the training you are going to do based on duration, intensity and heat/humidity. If your electrolytes are in a capsule – empty the contents of the capsule into your gel – I think this is obvious but wanted to clarify! Put into a gel flask and sip as you train.

Some say the seeds need to be soaked, others promote just putting it into food. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

Another suggestion I’ve read about and haven’t yet tried is to mix an equal part chia seed gel w/ an equal part of your favorite organic jam or jelly ( please no high fructose corn syrup) and spread on toast. Sounds worth a try as a pre-training meal doesn’t it?

I do believe that as triathletes, Chia seeds have a place in our diet as a super food that is a great source of healthy fats, low glycemic, zero sugar carbohydrates and tons of anti-oxidants that can increase health, improve performance and enhance recovery.

I have purchased the Navitas brand of chia seeds through Amazon. Chia seeds are readily available and can be found at local health food stores.

Who knew that the seeds that grew your little chia pet years ago would today be the fuel that enhances your performance and speeds your recovery!

Because nutrition makes a difference!

Triathlon Training

2 weeks of tales from Ironman training

I write an email each week to my athletes.  In this email, I updated them on a bunch of different things going on in Try a Tri.  This session, I’ve added in a bit each week about how my Ironman training is going. I call this part of the email “Tales from Ironman training”.

The past two weeks have been monster weeks in terms of what I’ve learned as an athlete and as a Christ follower.  I want to share w/ you my tale written on 4/11 and then the one written on 4/18.  I’m so excited at the opportunity and the lesson and the experience.  Romans 8:28 just keeps coming to mind.

“And we know that all things work together for those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.”

April 11, 2011

Tales from Ironman Training
First, so many of you regularly ask me how I am doing and how the achilles is doing – thank you for that.  It truly means a lot.  I believe that my achilles is healing and that I am balancing between playing it safe but also pushing it a little bit.  Last week I had 4 30 minute runs.  They each went well.  The achilles no longer barks and yells but it is tight and sore the first 5-10 minutes running.  After that it seems to loosen up .After training – whether biking or running the swelling increases and it is very, very tender.    So, this week I am going to try 40 minute runs.  I keep stretching and doing what I’m supposed to do so I’m hopeful.  That being said, the truth is I did miss nearly 3 full weeks of running.  Probably not the best thing but nor is it the worst thing.  I plan to do the Easter Sun Run and the Johnston’s 1/2 marathon.  Once these are over, I’ll have a good idea where I’m at with this injury and what impact it may have on my Ironman race.  Right now, I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to do the running training required to run a marathon after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112 miles.  If, after these two races things don’t go well, then I may have to shift my focus and get my mind wrapped around walking the vast majority of the marathon on race day.

How do I feel about not knowing?  Well, honestly it drives me crazy.  I like to KNOW!  :-).  But alas, I don’t and I won’t for a few more weeks.  Yes, I’m nervous about my run conditioning and no, I don’t particularly like the idea of walking to finish my first Ironman.  I’ve even stupidly felt sorry for myself for awhile.  I’ve also decided that even if I have to walk, then I’ll walk b/c I’m doing ALL 140.6 miles on race day!  Unless, there is an indication that I can injure myself further – then of course I won’t run or walk.

Saturday, Robert and I went to see the movie Soul Surfer. Wow, what a movie and what a story.  Most of you know about the teenage surfer that got attacked by a shark and lost her arm and then continued to surf…It’s very clear from watching that movie that God has used her  to influence and motivate others….her impact has been far greater and far wider because of being attacked and because of losing her arm.  Many, many people, including myself, after hearing her story and seeing her drive, are inspired to continue on, to press forward, to realize that they haven’t been given a challenge or a set back at all, that if she can do it, then I can do it..that truly, all things are possible…that perhaps doing this isn’t all about me…that perhaps, whatever the circumstance God will bring something remarkably positive out of it.  That is my prayer and my request – I’ll leave it in God’s hands and wherever my body is that’s where He wants me to be and I’ll do my best – run or walk!

In the meantime, I do my swimming and biking w/ full throttle commitment and intensity.  I work hard on my strength training and pilates.  I run the best I can and pay attention to what my body is saying.  I trust that God, my coach and Robert will advise me on how to best handle the third leg of my ironman.  I know that run or walk…I’ll give it my best and not let any joy be taken from one minute of this training and racing experience that is Ironman.

April 18

Tales from  Ironman Training
Well, last week was a deciding week for me!  I ran a bit on Tuesday and ran a bit on Wednesday and well, I realized there is no way I can run any distance with my achilles right now.  After consulting w/ my doctor and hearing her warning and advice about not making this worse, after listening to my coach, talking w/ Robert and consulting w/ an experienced friend – I have decided that I will train and prepare to walk the marathon portion of my Ironman.

Disappointment?  yes.  Relief?  Yes, because I’m no longer in limbo on what I will be doing.

I’ve had people tell me “there’s no way I would ever walk, I just wouldn’t do it.”  I had people look at me in horror as if I have no dignity b/c I do plan to walk it.  I have people say they’d “die of boredom doing all the  walking I’ll be required to do during my training”.  I’ve had encouraging people say well, most everyone walks so much at the end anyway or go, walk your walk, do your 140.6.

But here’s where I fall on this.  #1 I’m privileged to train for Ironman.  #2 I plan to do the full 140.6 unless it’s can cause me further harm. #3 I’m grateful to know this early in so I can get all this walking in and get good at it. #4 I’m not really sure I’ll actually add a tremendous amount of time to my race time anyway.  That run was gonna be s-l-o-w! #5 Perhaps there is someone out there who can be inspired by this.  Someone I can set an example for.  Someone who can’t run, or who isn’t good at running or who has not decided to do triathlon or even consider an Ironman b/c of the run.  Oh that I can show them you CAN walk the marathon!  I’m going to.  Why on earth wouldn’t I?  I’ve got these legs, I’ve got this health, I’ve got this inspiration to do an Ironman…so, I’m gonna do it the way my body says I need to do it!

I walked 90 minutes on Saturday after a 45 minute bike ride.  I was able to hold a 12:30 -13:30 pace.  I know zippo about race walking – I now have a book on order, I’ve read most of what’s on a couple of really good websites and I’ve asked the Go Run guys if they know of  a coach in town that knows about race walking.  I’m going to be the best race walker I can be.

Next, there’s this thing called deep water running.  I’ve had to do it before.  Not a lot of fun…but there is significant proof that athletes that deep water run while injured can keep up their run fitness and mostly this research points to them keeping  improving their speed.  So, I’ve got some research materials and I’m going to do a little deep water running too.  Who knows..perhaps after this, my running may actually improve?  I’m such an optimist aren’t I?

As many of you know, I saw the movie Soul Surfer a couple of weeks ago.  This was such a God thing.  That movie has impacted me so much I can’t begin to tell you.  It was God’s way of preparing me for walking this marathon.  I’m so grateful for that movie and it’s timing.  Thank you God.

I plan to do the Easter Sun Run 10k and the Johnson’s half marathon and walk both of these.  I have a bike ride to do before each race so I’ll get to experience tired legs and walking and a chance to work on my ability to walk fast on race day.  There’s nothing like race day is there?  It’ll feel a little weird and yes, there is a part of me that doesn’t like what my times will look I have to park my pride and know that showing up for these races and walking is one of the best things I can do to see where I’m at and what’s possible for my Ironman on 7/30!

No, sometimes things don’t go as planned.  No, sometimes things get taken away.  But, that’s ok…when that happens we have to count our blessing, be grateful, dig deep, get creative and pursue the dream and achieve the goal!!  Last week, I told you that I would leave this in God’s hands and whatever would be would be.  And so, He graciously gave me an answer.  Sometimes I think that once our hearts are softened and our attitudes adjusted, God gives us answers and we are ready for those answers.  I certainly feel that way right now.


Isn’t it wild what can transpire in a few short weeks? So much is possible.

People tell me, “oh I’d love to do a triathlon but I can’t swim.”  And I tell them, “Guess what?  When I started I couldnt’ either.”  And then I tell them where I started from as a swimmer and where God and good coaching has brought me as a swimmer.

Perhaps, in the not too distant future,someone will say to me, “oh I’d love to do triathlons but I can’t run.”  And, I’ll have the journey I’m taking right now to share with them!! 

Triathlon Training

Build a Fire then light it!

“I am building a fire. Every day I train I add more fuel. At just the right time I will light a match.”

Mia Hamm

I just love this quote from Mia Hamm.  As a coach, this is the attitude I hope to have myself and instill in and wish for every single one of my athletes!

I’d like to point out some key concepts that are wrapped up in her simple yet accurate and powerful quote.

1.  Training is the process of putting fuel into your race day gas tank.

The fuel you are putting in is of various types.  It includes:  strength, endurance, aerobic fitness, anaerobic fitness, flexibility and nutrition. Follow your training plan, rest if you feel tired or can’t complete a difficult workout, sleep eight hours per night and eat a healthy diet.  Nothing fancy, nothing magical – just ordinary stuff done w/ extraordinary commitment!

2.  Everyday should ADD to your tank and not subtract from your tank!

Each training session you have, if you follow your plan, you add fuel to your tank.  If you don’t follow your training plan – then you  burn fuel rather than add it.


I see many people who just can’t hold back in their training – just one more work out, just a little higher heart rate, just a little run to see if they can “keep up”. They forget that training breaks you down and resting is what makes you strong and fast. This is what I call “emotional” training.  The athlete does the work because they mentally think they need to!  But you need both – work and rest!

Your training plan more than likely includes key sessions that are timed just right to give you the boost you need.  Wait for them! Be prepared for them! Trust in those sessions to take your body to the next level.  Not every session should or needs to be super tough.

Race day is THE day to light the match.  A training day is not!

3. Lighting your match is not just physical but mental as well.

It is so important in training to keep your race day in mind.  To use key training sessions to visualize what you will think and what you will do on race day.

What are you saying to yourself when you train?  What do you say to yourself when you look at your plan?  Are you excited to train?  Are you intimidated by the training?  Are you committed to doing the training session to the minute and detail of it (barring injury or fatigue)?

Use your training days to build up your positive power talk to yourself.  Use your tough days to practice holding those positive thoughts when your body is being pushed and your mind is telling you you just might die!

So don’t burn up your fuel stores.  Add to them by training methodically, not emotionally. Add to them by building your mental strength and positive ower during each training session.

How about you?  Are you filling up your race day fuel tank?  Good for you.

You’ll be prepared to start a BIG ole fire on race day when you finally light your match!

Me, I plan to light my match on 7-30-11!  Until then, I add a little more fuel  each day I train.

Triathlon Training

Clearwater World Championships 70.3

Where do I even begin?  This first blog will be the physical story of my race in Clearwater.  The next blog will be the spiritual side of the story.

By the numbers

Best 70.3 Kansas 6/09

Swim 38:50, Bike 2:59:54 Run 2:13  Total 5:56

Buffalo Springs 70.3 6-27-10

Swim – 33:23  Bike 3:02  Run 2:22  Total 6:04:13

Clearwater Goals

Stellar day

Swim 30-33  Bike 2:30-2:40, Run 1:55-2:00

Good day

Swim 33-35  Bike 2:40 – 2:45, Run 2:00-2:10

Total ranges 5:07-5:25


Swim 38:57  Bike 2:48  Run 2:27  Total 6:04:24  (T1 4:20, T2 4:59)

Facts going into the race:

I trained hard all year and especially after Buffalo Springs. I rode long each week with my training partner Julie.  I also ran and ran and ran.  More than I have ever run before a 70.3.  Biking and running were feeling quite good.  I didn’t do nearly as much swimming as I’ve done in the past b/c I felt I’d have a greater ROI on my biking and running.

In early September I started feeling tired all the time and had a hard time completing higher intensity workouts.  So I cut back my training going for quality over quantity.  Mentally tough to do, but I knew rested was the way to show up for Clearwater.

I caught a respiratory infection about 6 days before Clearwater.  Went to my awesome Doctor, Lorraine and she prescribed antibiotics.  It took a few days, but I started feeling much better the Wednesday before Clearwater.  Side effects from the antibioitics were nausea and diarrhea.  I felt good, but didn’t really know what to expect on race day given that I’d been sick and the antibiotics were still bothering me (not nearly as much, felt really good on Friday).

In Clearwater I swam twice in the Gulf prior to the race.  The first swim was a bit stressful as I adjusted to the slight waves and the intense flavor of saltwater.  Once I got the wave rhythm and surrendered to salty taste, I was fine.  The second swim was awesome.  Felt great to swim in a huge body of water and see the beach.  Loved it.  Water beautiful both days.  Chilly about 64 degrees but felt refreshing not cold. I also did a short brick on Thursday and took on one of the hills I’d do on race day.  I felt great on both the bike and run.  Friday, I did a short run with some slight interval work.  Legs felt good.  I know these were short, but I felt rested, loose and ready to race. Friday I also tested what I planned for breakfast on Saturday and my stomach happily obliged.  So, I felt like I was in good shape to go race like a crazy woman on Saturday!! Of course, I didn’t know if or how the infection or the antibiotics would impact performance over hours instead of the 45-60 minutes I’d done Thursday and Friday.  But, I let the unknown go.  Went into the race ready to seize the day and give the glory to God!

Race strategy

Swim – I planned to start on the right so I’d swim along the buoy line.  This was a clockwise course which is highly unusual. Becauase I was at World Championships with fast women, I decided that I shouldn’t start in the front of the pack but in the first 1/3.  I planned to swim hard the first 250-300 then settle into a rhythm with the hope of the opportunity to draft in the swim.

Bike – In my last 2 70.3’s I’ve held back on the bike to save more for the runs.  However, I don’t feel that it has helped my run that much so I decided to return to my prior riding intensity on this race and count on all my running training to support a good run.  The goal was to average over 21.5 and near 22.0 mph.  I had trained a lot on hills, but also on flats.  Clearwater is a mostly flat course and that sounds easy, but there is no rest for your legs, just constant pedaling.  I felt confident that I had trained to pedal on powerfully for 56 miles.

Run – This is where I really hoped to shine.  To really show improvement.  All my running felt good and my bricks felt good in training.  I was going to take it easy for 3 miles, push the next 8 a little bit then let it go the last 2 with everything I had.  There were 4 big hills on the run course over bridges – long and 12% grades.  I would run up the first 2/3’s then kind of hike the top.  I would run a 7:30 and then walk :30 throughout.

Nutrition – 2 botttles of lemonade on bike along with 6 fuel bites and then 1 bottle of lemonade and 3 fuel bites plus water on run.

Race day

I woke up feeling pretty good.  Had decided to skip the morning anitibiotic just to hold off issues.  Showed up at transition, finished what little I needed to do.  Then, just hung around stretching, listening to music and using port a potties. I went in for a warm up swim about 6:30.  It was dark and that was kind of cool and scary at the same time.  Warm up felt good.  Water seemed to be just like Thursday and Friday.  Good to go.

Swim – I lined up in the front 1/3 to the right.  Women were a bit chatty but focused.  Our gun went off.  We had to stay on the sand and then run in.  We had to run in pretty far.  I didn’t want to look at my watch, but I think we ran a good 20-30 seconds before it was deep enough to dive in and start swimming.  I thought, wow, this is a long time.  Dove in and started swimming.  Arms, legs were flailing and women were everywhere.  I sited, ah buoy to the right and started swimming slightly to the right to get in my line.  It was a bump and grind chop fest and I thought it was because there were just so many of us and I hadn’t started up front.  But, once I broke free a bit, holy cow!!  This water was rough.  Had to settle myself down a few times and I struggled to find the rhythm and stay on top of the chop.  I kept repeating part of Isaiah 41:10 – I will strengthen you and help you.  I told Jesus to just race through me.  Finally about 600 yards in I got to actually swimming and then hit the turn.  It was only about 200 yards across and the waves were a full frontal hit but this was easier than the sideways stuff going out.  I found a pretty good stroke and then hit the last turn to head to the beach.  Only about 1000 yards to go!!  I looked and saw lots of clear water and put the hammer down.  Oops..swam too many strokes without siting and was drifting to the left.  Crap.  How can the waves be coming from the left and I’m swimming to the left?  I had to adjust and site about every 2-4 strokes just to try hard to swim some kind of straight line.  I started noticing other color caps and thought, “get a move on, get out before these men run you over”.  I really didn’t care what the time was.  I swam as hard as I could, did the best I could in the chop and remained pretty calm after the first 600 yards.  Whew.  I looked at my watch after the strippers pull my wetsuit off and after I went through the showers they had for us on the beach (like a car wash!  felt great to get the salt water off).  My vision was totally blurry and I felt wobbly getting to transition.  But, I didn’t worry about it. I waved to Robert who knew I was behind schedule by 5-8 minutes.  I hope he knew that the swim time was not a problem for me given the water conditions.  I was ok with it!

I grabbed my swim to bike bag and headed to the changing tent.  There the volunteers helpfully unpacked and repacked my bag for me.  I felt dizzy and my vision was blurred.  No worries, go to the bike, settle down and ride.

Bike – little jog through transition.  Got on my bike.  Headed out and got about a 1/2 mile out and decided to just start settling down and finding my groove.  Stomach was not happy.  Darn, could the salt water have upset it?  Vision still very strange.  I wiped my eyes thinking it was the salt water.  Nope.  Just weird vision.  I kept riding.  My heart rate was higher than I wanted but my speed was where I wanted I decided to let Jesus race through me and I’d go with the higher HR.  I’d pray and ask Jesus if  I was ok.  I felt that I was.  As I continued to ride, the nausea and GI issues (I’ll stop calling it the “d” word) continued on.  I tried to drink water.  Ick.  I tried my lemonade – super ick.  Kept riding, kept trying to hold my pace.  What happened quite quickly is that instead of heart rate or speed, my ride became dictated by how fast I could push without feeling light headed, nauseous or like a port a potty stop would be beyond a dire emergency!  So, I kept noticing my HR, speed and time..but they were just data points.  My efforts were guided by managing these 3 physical sypmtoms. In terms of nutrition, I drank 1 bottle of lemonade only because I knew I HAD to and after each sip I’d slow down and let the tummy handle it. I kept praying for strength and help.  Strength and help. Jesus was with me the entire way.  Jesus knows physical pain and he encouraged me to keep going and I’d be fine. I’m so glad that Jesus knows how we feel!! I drank one bottle of water.  Nothing else.  So about 1/3 of my calories is all I could take in.  I was pleased that I forced myself to take that much in. I love to ride my bike.  I really do.  This was the most miserable, uncomfortable ride of my life.  I couldn’t wait to get off my bike and run.  I’ve never, ever felt that way!  After nearly 3 hours of being miserable on my bike I was thrilled to pull in to transition.

In transition, I handed my bike to a volunteer who would rack it (how cool is that?) and then ran(I use the term loosely) up to get my run bag.  Headed in to the changing tent and decided to just slow down a bit, let my HR drop and see if that would help me regroup.  The wonderful volunteer took my shoes out of the bag, rolled down my socks and handed me each sock and helped me get my shoes on.  I was ever so grateful.  She put all my bike stuff in the bag, got me a glass of water which I chugged. I then headed straight for the port a pottie.  Ok, I’m going to be honest.  My goal was total evacuation so I could run and not have that “feeling” know what I mean right?  Ok, ‘nough said.  Into the port a potty I go.  Not a shred…not a partial piece of toilet paper…nada, nothing, zilch, zero.  Oh, there is no dignity..none whatsoever.  Really, just none.  I wondered if I should get up and get into another port a potty..nope, just deal with the situation and move on the clock is ticking…

Ran by Robert and pointed to my stomach.  He thought I had a side stitch..if only!!

Run, well, I was behind 8 minutes in the swim, nowhere near 2:30 on the bike.  Now what?  Well, I decided to take it one mile at a time. I decided that the voice in me that said “this isn’t worth it.  No toilet paper.  You are sick.  What are you doing?” wasn’t going to take control and run my race.  I once again prayed for strength and help and asked Jesus if I was ok.  He said I was.  So, here I go.  One mile at a time.  Dizziness has faded and I’m not seeing blurring.  Good.  GI issues are big though.  So, again, pace became dictated by the GI issue.  I’d go as fast as I could without prompting my body to evacuate.  Got to the first aid station.  Drank water, suffered after.  Ok, not doing that again.  Took a sip of my lemonade in my hand held bottle.  That was even worse tasting now than on the bike, plus the bottle felt like it weighed 5 pounds.  Walk? nope, felt worse to walk.  Slow run felt the best.  Next aid station – coke.  Walked and drank the coke.  That went down the hatch.  Ok, 2 miles, I’m not going fast, but I’m moving forward.  I prayed Isaish 41:10 over and over. Strength and Help. Strength and Help.  Can I tell you at least 1000 people passed me on the run?  Seriously, I know it was 1000.  I lost count about 750 though  :-).

Banana?  I’ll try one b/c I must get something in terms of calories but gu sounds awful.  I handed the volunteer my hand held bottle and told her to throw it out.  Took a banana.  Not bad.  Stayed down.  Ok, coke and banana’s it is!!  Hey, that’s something right.  One mile at a time.  Ok, I’m in to the turn around.  Second loop!!!  It isn’t fast, I’m not having fun but I’m going to finish. I’m going to finish.  When I started the run, I didn’t know if the GI issues would stop me..but Jesus gave me strength and help and told me I was ok and yep…I am going to finish.

I continue to manage by how I feel and try to look at pace to just keep moving and not let it get too slow.  I don’t look at my total time.  Too depressing.  I look at my run time and decide that I would rather just die than go 2:30 on this run.  Mile 7, 8, 9…getting close.  Now, I just have nausea and I’m completely exhausted. I know I’m dehydrated and undernourished.  The last mile was my slowest I think but it went by the fastest.  I just wanted to see the finish line, Robert and be D-O-N-E.

As I cross the finish line, I know I smiled b/c .  I have finished.  It ain’t pretty.  It’s so not what I had hoped or wanted for a World Championship race.  Then, there is Robert.  I hug him and start crying.  I don’t mean tears, I mean sobbing.  I am so physically and mentally exhausted. He just holds me tight like only he can do. I love that man. I tell him I know I’m pretty dehydrated and need to probably get some attention.  I pop into the med tent (never done that before).  They give me water, cover me in cold towels, take blood pressure and heart rate and ask me all kinds of questions.  I look around at people unable to sit, people with IV’s and oxygen on.  After about 15 minutes I decide I’m safe to get out of there.

So, why was I so sick?  I believe that the water was so rough that I got motion sickness! I have never had motion sickness in my life.  Who knew?  Combine that with GI issues caused by the anti-biotics.  I definitely feel that the motion sickness played the larger role in all of this.  So, next ocean/gulf race, I’ll be taking some kind of medication to prevent the motion sickness in case the water is choppy!!  I don’t think the salt water upset my stomach like it did when I raced Cancun.  This was a completely new experience of sickness for me.

What did I learn?

I learned that I was very fit going into this race and that quality training over quantity training always pays off.  I am just thrilled about that.

I learned that you can take in hydration/nutrition when you are sick if you do so in small increments and prepare to slow down a bit afterwards to keep it down.

I learned to not give up on hydration/nutrition but to keep experimenting.  I tried the new powerbar drink perform – yucko. spit that right out.  Then tried a coke.

I learned that sometimes the races we are most proud of don’t show up in a fast time.  They show up in the effort it took to finish.

I learned that when you are sick like this, there is absolutely nothing “fun” about triathlon.

I learned that the suffering is worth the price to finish. (I’ll qualify.  I was sick.  I wasn’t pushing my body and risking an injury or any real damage.  I wouldn’t push to the point of that b/c that’s just stupid)

I learned that when you go to a race like a World Championship it is a bit more  disappointing to not have your race time reflect what you may have really been able to do than it would be for a regular race

I learned that if I have an athlete on antibioitcs, I can let them know to be prepared for some possible performance impact on race day.

I learned how to give up the “numbers” but still stay moving forward and managing by symptoms

I learned that coke and banana’s are GOOD when you have GI issues

Do I wish I could have had a PR (personal record) at a World Championship event?  Heck yes.  I DO wish I had that. I DO wish that in 10 years I could tell the story of how I tore it up in Clearwater.  That’s not my story for this race.  But I don’t. I am tougher now.  I am more confident now having battled the way I battled.

and now, here comes that spiritual piece of this entire experience. You may want to take a break at this point….coffee, water, potty?

My next blog, I will share just what God taught me and did for me through this entire experience of Clearwater.

Thanks for reading thus far.

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How do I say thank you?

At 8:35 pm last night, I received a gift.  One of the desire’s of my heart posted on my new 4×6 prayer card.

Well, as many of you know, I wrote some birthday thoughts yesterday.  The primary theme of the birthday thoughts were waiting patiently for God to give you/me the desires of our heart.

Last night I taught strength class for my Try a Tri athletes.  Nothing unusual about that.  Afterwards, one of the athlete’s said that she had made homemade organic cupcakes to celebrate.  Another athlete had brought iced tea and water for everyone.  Fun.  I love cupcakes!!  Especially homemade organic cupcakes.

We all hung around eating cupcakes (yes, cupcakes, not cupcake).  As I talked and ate, I also looked around and noticed everyone was just kind of hanging out.  Now, usually, everyone leaves pretty quickly after class because they get up very early on Friday mornings.  But, last night everyone was hanging.  I thought to myself, “Wow.  I love seeing them hang out and chat like this!”

Then, the cupcake woman said, “Coach we want to give you something.”  Without instruction and in less than about 10 seconds all the athletes surrounded me in a circle.  Was my face red?  Probably.

Cupcake woman hands me a card.  I pull the card from the envelope and there are notes ALL over this card.  So many notes from so many athletes that I tear up and can’t wait to go home and read the notes.  That there are so many brings tears to my eyes.  I read the card.  Then, with slight impatience, cupcake woman says, “open the piece of paper in the card coach .”

Ok, so, I open the piece of paper.  Here’s what was written on this piece of paper.

Coach, God said Buffalo Springs and you went with anticipation and faith, He showed up there.  Now He is saying Clearwater and He will be there too.  You have begun an amazing journey to know Him, to know yourself and to go beyond the limits with faith.  You have invested so much of yourself in us, now it’s our turn to invest in you.  We have established an account for you at Bicycle Pedaler with a balance of $1025.00.  We believe in you and your future.

With God’s guidance and Robert’s patient, enduring love, you created a village.  Every life in this room has been blessed by your love and faith.  Thank you for seeing the potential in us and for helping to make our dreams come true!  Love, your Try a Tri Villagers.

Holy WOW.  I could hardly read this note because of the tears and getting terribly choked up.  I was and am stunned at their awareness of the need.  I was and am overwhelmed and almost speechless (almost) at the generosity of their gift.

Of course, the thinly veiled desire of my heart referred to in yesterday’s blog was race wheels. Little did I know what God was doing.  Little did I know, what these TaT athletes of mine were brewing.  Never would I have imagined that they would be so ridiculously, crazy generous.

Well, guess who’s going to Clearwater with race wheels?  ME.  Race wheels provided by God through my wonderful Try a Tri athletes and our favorite bike shop, Bicycle Pedaler!!

How can I say thank you?

Well, dear Try a Tri village athletes – THANK YOU.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your generosity.  God has certainly worked through each of you to make getting a desire of my heart a reality.  THANK YOU for the privilege of coaching each of you.  I love each and every moment coaching Try a Tri and appreciate each and every one of you.  It is a privilege and an honor to be your coach!!

God is faithful.  God provides.  God is good.

In response to yesterday’s blog, one of my athletes sent me the mission statement of an organization called Overcomer’s.  There is one particular piece of a sentence that applies directly to what transpired last night.

“God offers himself as our traveling companion but He often “wraps himself” in the flesh of human beings who act as His ambassadors.”

Dear Villagers, you are ambassadors!!

I called my mom and dad on the way home to tell them and read them the note.  I cried telling Robert the story when I got home.  I woke up several times in the night and had to pinch myself.  The alarm went off this morning and I reached over and told Robert, “Hey, yesterday was my birthday and do you know what I got?  I got the desire of my heart provided by God through my athletes.”  And yes, more tears of joy.

How do I say thank you?


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Racing Buffalo Springs 70.3

Ok.  Buffalo Springs – DONE. I still believe that numbers do tell the truth.  Here’s the BS 70.3 story.
I opted to wear a borrowed speed suit (thank you KC) because my wetsuit is long sleeve and the water was very warm.  While this may have cost me some time on the swim, I didn’t want to get hot in the water.  As it turns out I was quite warm in the speed suit.  So, I’ll stand by that decision.
Swim start – we lined up on a beach.  You couldn’t see the course as the swim start was in a cove.  We were to swim out of the cove to the right.  Kind of weird to not see the course prior to gettting to the corner and entering the cove.  I did get right up front – no one was aggressive, just ready to swim.  We were the second to last wave to go – that felt like a lot of waiting.  The gun goes off and we start swimming.  I am honestly swimming at a sprint for about 400 yards or so !  I look up after rounding the corner to get my bearing and even though I started off the front…there are a LOT of women already ahead of me.  Yikes.  Little ego check. I caught sight of my first big buoy and kept the hammer down.  Rounded that corner and by now I had some room.  Prior to that it was crowded but not a lot of bumping, mostly just hands at my feet.  That didn’t bother me.  It meant at least I wasn’t last! Rounded the second buoy and then found myself nearly on top of a really, really big dude floating, legs bent in the water arms barely moving.  I honestly thought about flagging for help b/c I didn’t think he could.  Then I remembered I was racing and that was someone else’s job to worry about this guy.  But I did worry for a little bit after I decided to pass him.  Rounded the last corner and put the hammer down a little more.  Stood up and saw my watch.  33:03!  Holy wow!  My first thought wasn’t that I was ahead of schedule or that I had a great swim despite not having a wetsuit.  My first thought was the course must have been short!  Ok, the course was 1.2 miles and I had a nice swim! Well, really I do think the course was a tad short…..

On to the bike.  My plan on the bike was to hold heart rate around 140 as an average ( my mahr is 139).  After my debilitating ride on the computrainer on this course, I was a little nervous about trashing my legs.  I went easily up the first and immediate hill out of transition and started to fly down the back side.  Then, there was an explosion of water bottles popping out of everyone’s  DBAC’s (double barrel ass cans – they hold 2 bottles of water off back of the bike seat).  I spent my time going down hill dodging this explosion and trying not to crash.  Geez.  Nothing much to tell on the bike.  I rode, felt good, pushed the hills and enjoyed passing a LOT of people on the bike.  Saw Julie twice.  Go, Julie, go!! The bike course was beautiful, hilly as heck and a lot of fun.  Coming down one of the big hills I did have to duck to miss a guy’s co2 cartridge that got launched off his DBAC.  Could have knocked me out.  In hindsight, I took it a little too gently on the bike.  I really wanted to finish in right at 3:00 and have some legs.  According to my Garmin my heart rate average was 137 – a few beats off the plan and therefore a little off the pace I planned to hold and definitely could have held.

Run – I had tried and almost, yes almost succeeded at peeing on the bike.  I was so close…yet so far b/c I couldn’t do it.  Will keep working on that.  Once bike was racked there were port a potties I planned to hit before leaving transition.  I looked for a door with green on it – signally available.  I opened the door and a guy is sitting there, elbow on knee, head in hand.  Come on least lock the door.  Went to the next green door – there’s another dude standing there.  I holler, “lock the doors men..please”.  Finally an empty port a pottie. I lock the door!  Out on the run course and my legs are tired but not too bad. I am now excited that I may have a solid run!  As I follow the course, I realize that it is going in a totally different direction than Robert and I had driven..crap..that means I didn’t know what hills I was in for!  Oh well, run on.  Even in the first few miles with no hills, just tiny little inclines, I couldn’t believe how many people were walking.  My plan was to run 9:30 and walk :30.  Well, once I saw the hills that didn’t work out so good b/c I felt guilty walking the hills and wanted to run more.  Not sure that was wise.  All but the top runners were walking the hills.  They were long and pretty steep.  I kept hydrated and had 2 power gels on the course.  Stopped at every water stopped and poured water on, drank water down and grabbed ice and threw it down the front of my shirt.  I didn’t feel the heat.  I was thrilled about that.  I focused on doing a 13 x 1 mile repeats and not running 13.  This worked beautifully.  Mentally, I was the strongest I have ever been in a half ironman on the run.  The hot stretch out on what they call the energy lab wasn’t that hot and didn’t throw me off mentally.  I hit the mat at the 1/2 way point and realized that my legs were actually feeling better.  I pushed it here with a nice tail wind and slight down hill.  Then, back to the hills.  Cool, those are over with, now I’m in the park.  I begin to push it again..then at mile 12, I found the physical brakes.  I was hurting and just couldn’t push the legs.  I kept trying, then walked, then ran, they walked… the last 2.1 miles felt longer than the previous 11.  The tiny little inclines in the road felt like going up the big hills earlier.  But, I just kept pushing as best I could, focusing on relaxed arms, high cadence and trying to find a lean.  I’m sure to look at me you wouldn’t guess that’s what I was doing!!  I realized that 6:00 is not going to happen..and that’s ok, just keep pushing to that finish line where Robert, the Dixons and the Piels are awaiting my finish.

I cross and my final time is 6:04:13.  I am very, very happy.

What I learned:
Put average heart rate on my Garmin screen along with current heart rate to go with the average speed and current speed.  Do this for both bike and run.  No need to see time on this screen – if i hold the averages the time comes.
Speed suit – read the new Triathlete magazine, make sure I buy one that fits the WTC and USAT requirements and invest in one.  They don’t offer buoyancy, but they do help you slide and glide right through that water.
the run – #1 thing to figure out.  Three things here:  1. efficiency in form.  2.  more miles on the legs – I don’t have much experience running and racing prior to triathlon. 3.  improve mental strength and ability/willingness/confidence to hurt on run.  I am ok hurting on swim and hurting on bike.  Now need to increase the level of discomfort I am comfortable with on the run. I can and will do this.  Yes I will.  Just wait and see.
KC Triathlon and this race I held back too much on the bike.  Ride my bike harder – I can and it’s a strength.  Now I have a clearer idea of what too little is like and need to practice and play with what’s too much.  Ego wise it has been hard to hold back on the bike!!
Pleased – I am please with my ranking in each sport – 13th, 15th and 18th – historically I am low in the swim, super high on the bike and average on the run.  Now, I’m starting to level off – that’s being a TRIathlete.  This makes me very happy because the best TRIathletes are good in all the sports.

swim 33:23.  pace is 1:35/100 y

T1 1:44

Bike 3:02:41. 18.4 mph average

T2 3:22 (had to go potty!)

Run 2:22:33. 10:53 min./mile pace

Total  6:04:13

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Prep Race report for Buffalo Springs 70.3 on 6-27-10

My Half Ironman History

Race Time A few details
Cancun 70.3 9/07 6:33 Great swim, 2.5 hours in rain on bike, 2nd 1/2 of run IT band blew up and walked most of it.  Still a GREAT first 1/2.
Kansas 70.3 6/08 ? pulled off course at mile 11 of run due to lightning Swim – horrific, petrified, hung on buoys, clobbered in head.  Bike – strong and fun.  Run – mentally couldn’t get control of legs until mile 6, then kicked it in and was cruising to finish in about 6:13….
Kansas 70.3 6/09 5:56 A PR.  Great swim, great well paced bike, didn’t ride too hard.  Solid run on 7:30 run and :30 walk routine.  Had surgery-5/18/9 and almost NO training for the weeks leading up to race.  I learned what rest does.
Lake Stevens 70.3 8/09 ? DNF knee cap dislocated on bike. Swam off the front of the swim wave for 1st time.  3rd in AG on swim.  Bike – rocked it until knee blew up, was on pace to finish bike in 2:45.  HARD to not go on.  Lesson learned, be prepared to race walk.  If I had even thought of that I would have. This race gave me the confidence to think to attempt to qualify for 70.3 World Championships.  Would have finished 3rd on bike IF knee had cooperated.  “would have”..grrr….

Facts about my training for BSLT 70.3

Averaged 91% of my planned training.  Training plan based on 500 hr. annual per Joe Friel.
I have trained nearly 300 hours for this race.
I have run 2 x 13 miles + mulltiple 10-mile runs.  The MOST I have ever run prior to a 1/2.
Biking is feeling solid, and during a training ride I rode 87 miles at 18 mph in zone 2.
Had killer swim a few times w/ Jay averaging lots of 1:30’s on little rest.
Won 1st place in my age group at KC Triathlon even though I screwed up at the finish line.
Trained and acclimated to heat.  I know I’m sensitive to heat, but I’m prepared for heat.
Practiced race walking and know I can hold a 13 min. pace should that be a good strategy on Sunday.
My old hamstring injury has not even briefly chatted to me. This has allowed me to do more running than I have in 2 yrs.
My running has improved and I’ve seen more miles logged on my Garmin at 9:30 pace than ever before.
My breathing while running is not right at the moment.
I have read and practiced several excellent run visualizations that I can arm myself with and use on race day.
Emotionally I am excited, feel loved and supported and the overriding word to describe my state right now is ANTICIPATION!
What I wrote in my 2010 plan as goals for this race: swim 36 min.

Bike 2:45

run 2:00

“my best time could be a 5:38”
What I  am planning swim 35-38 Bike 2;45 – 3:00 run 2:00 – 2:15 transitions under 2:00
2008 top 5 women times by sport 27:36-34:20 2:41-2:53 1:42-1:53 T1 – 1:54-2:12

T2 1:35 – 3:00

2009 top 5 women times by sport 34:32-40:28 2:49-3:04 1:43-1:56 T1 1:36-2:17

T2  1:42-2:01

Calculations of time from great to good from:

Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total


2:00 2:52

19.5 mph

1:30 2:07




2:00 3:01

18.5 mph

1:30 2:17

10:30 min/mile


Well, it’s evident that I am a contender in swim and bike and I’ve got more work still to do on my running, eh?  No worries, I’ll keep after it.  Swimming took me 5 years; I’ve got 5 years!  But, I’ll bet running comes faster than swimming.

Ok, qualifying for World Championships 70.3 –  not impossible; circumstances are in God’s control.  I want what God wants for this race.  I’m planning to race with all I have to give and all He has placed inside of me!

I love numbers.  They tell the truth.

Nutrition plan

Dinner Saturday – a nice piece of fish, big salad and some yummy carbs like rice, potatoes or pasta.  Fruit for dessert.

Breakfast in the am – 1/2 pbj and a bowl of muesli with banana and fruit

Bike – 800 calories taken in as gu and clif lemonade/carbo pro.  Tons of water – to drink and dump through the convenient little design in  my aero helmet.

Run – clif lemonade/carbo pro – in my 20 ounce hand held bottle (thank you, Matt Morrow, for this little tip) plus oodles of water, ice, sponges for cooling, etc.  and perhaps a gu.

I’m not afraid to hydrate and get lots of nutrition.  I have practiced in temps from 80’s – 100’s so I am ready.

Swim strategy

Even though I will be intimidated, go off the front of the wave.  This has worked well in 3 races, so go for the 4th race.  Swim strong, straight and tough.  Hold real estate if I get bumped.  Look for clear water and possibly someone to draft?  That’d be nice.  Feel good and enjoy this part of it.  Humbly grateful to now have confidence and enjoy the swim.

Bike strategy

Pay attention to heart rate (140ish at all times with a creep to 150 on a couple of the tougher hills) and how legs feel.  Do NOT trash legs.  Repeat do NOT trash legs.  Swimbikerun. Not swim+bike+run. Track average mph on Garmin consistently.  Hold cadence and be patient in the first 10-12 miles.  Deal smart with the hills – lighter gear, higher cadence.  Hold steady and strong on flats – don’t let up.  Ease up last few miles to prepare legs for run.  Take ALL planned nutrition and hydration.

Run strategy

Don’t believe the lie about “feeling good. I can hold this pace” that happens when I don’t “kill” the bike. Watch average min/mile pace, watch Hr, pay attention to heat/humidity and wind.  Focus on form and the road coming to meet me.  Run MY run and don’t worry about anyone else.  IF it’s horribly hot – then, ok to do some speed walking around mile 8 and 9 to recover a bit to have a strong finish.  Better to get that HR down from possible 170’s in the heat running an 11:30 or worse pace by walking a 12:45-13:00 at 135 HR and then when return to running with a venegeance the final 5k and push for 9:00’s during that time.  It’s risky and unconventional..but could be darn smart in temps over 90 degrees. Will have small cooler in transition to keep 3 baggies of ice and my 20 ounce water thing.  1 bag of ice in baseball cap, 1 bag in my hand and 1 bag in my top.  Start off as cool as possible.

Mind focus

I am confident beyond reason because I am confident in Christ!!

I don’t give up, give out or give in.

I AM the Lord’s warrior

Song – Revolution by Starfield

I’m a fire.  I’m a flood. I’m a revolution.  I’m a war already won.

My power works best in weakness

Because the Lord helps me I will NOT be dismayed.  I have set my mind like flint to do His will and I KNOW that I will triumph.

From the story of Nehemiah

He prayed:  Lord, make me successful today!!

My prayer:  May people know how great you are God by my racing today.  I race because of you and for you.  May YOU be glorified!!  It’s all about you Lord.  Please help me to race strong and smart.

Word that is making me relaxed, excited, hopeful and confident (sort of) about racing this race:  ANTICIPATION!

I can’t wait to see what God will do, how He will show up!!  When God shows up and he’s always exciting.


If I get a flat tire on the front – change it.  Do it.

If I get a flat tire on the rear – try to change it.  Watch how long it’s taking and decide what to do.  I can’t qualify if I don’t finish…

If the women at the front of the wave scare me..don’t let them, plan to draft them!