Off the map #7 of New Mindset, New Results

52 weeks off the map – update # 7

I’m excited to share with you where we are at!  The things we are learning and the tangible changes in our lives since taking this 52 week change of course to go off the map from our usual life.

NEW MINDSET: When I do CCP’s I see what I need to do each day as life changing and exciting instead of overwhelming!! (cap- crystal clear priorities)

Pilates – I’m 6 months into an 18 month program.  This is classical Pilates; as close to getting taught from Joe as is possible.  My body has changed radically – I am so much stronger! Because Classical is more of an exercise regimen and less of a rehabilitative approach – I’m enjoying the challenges and so are my clients.  Now, I’m not disrespecting other approaches to Pilates (like what I learned if my first teacher training), I’m sharing my/our experience.  Which is we (me and my clients) are seeing BIG differences in this approach and our dedication and motivation keep going up, up and up.  On a personal note, the challenges of staying organized and focused in school are huge and CCP’s (crystal clear priorities) is the ONLY way I’m making it.  I’m LOVING the learning – to say the least.  Also, I realize that after finishing this 18 month Advanced program….it won’t take me long to sign up for the Master Teacher program.  Why?  There is so much to learn and the more I study under these teachers, the more I will learn and I want to offer my clients the best in Pilates!

Blue Zone Diet – It took until mid-January and an allergy break out on my eyes (eating too much sugar.  Yes, me..yes, it’s true….) to really completely do the 180 back to how we know and truly love to eat.  Blue Zone Diet isn’t a prescription of eating this and don’t eat that.  It’s a way of life approach to health, wellness, nutrition and longevity (longevity to me means a long life with HIGH quality of life).  As you may or may not know, I’ve never, ever endorsed one particular diet because we are ALL unique.  I’ve tried nearly all of them and learned something about my body from all of them.  What I do believe in are Principles of nutrition and how you apply these specifically to YOUR body is the KEY to health and weight management.  I would say that fundamentally a Blue Zone Diet is a lenient approach to our formerly all vegan diet (which we did for 2+ years and loved it and felt great but ultimately…we wanted more flexibility).  So, what do we do?  We have a meal replacement shake 6-7 days per week which is: Vega One meal replacement (1 scoop) + Vibrant Health Green Vibrance (1 scoop) + Vibrant Health Field of Greens (1 scoop) + non dairy milk + a banana or frozen fruit.  This shake is so HEAVY on nutrition that it keeps us satisfied and full for hours.  Then, for the other 2 meals we will do maybe another shake, some soup and a sandwich and then a Big Dog Salad – a HUGE salad with everything and anything in it – fruit, veggies, a little protein like Salmon or chicken, maybe a little goat cheese, some nuts..and a light dressing of balsamic and olive oil and also a whole grain side like pasta, rice or beans .  So between our shake and our big dog salad the nutrients are DENSE and the calories are low.  I believe that we just can’t get the nutrients we need without supplementation – the shake is our frontline of supplementation.  Recently, we added in a product from Uforia Science called Utrition.  This is a completely individualized and customized blend of over 100 researched and proven vitamins, minerals and plants and herbs to have a positive impact on health especially in the areas of gut and heart health, weight and inflammation management, vitamin D and vitamin B absorption and bioavailability.  You take a DNA test and then they send you your VERY OWN Utrition!   I believe so much in this product that I’m selling it! If you are interestedIf you want to know more, contact me and check out this link: http://www.kpat.uforiascience.com.

Zig Ziglar – We finished up the Born to Win series and it laid a strong foundation for really setting goals, being confident in yourself and dreaming and planning.  Just this morning, we just finished Stephen Covey’s 7 habits for Highly Effective people – oh my…this has given us the nitty gritty for what Zig inspired in us.  Next up we are repeating the 7 habits and writing our personal, family and business mission and value statements.  This will take sometime.

Sabbath – For the first months, we took a distinct full day of complete REST.  Oh my, did we need that.  Now, our tanks aren’t quite so empty.  We are committed to REST however, we are learning that IF conflicts arise (and they absolutely will) we can break that rest up a bit.  So perhaps on Friday afternoon to Saturday morning we rest.  Then work Saturday and then Sunday rest in the afternoon.  Not as ideal, but like nutrition – being flexible is key.  So we learn how to rest.  And it feels so good.

I think what I’m learning the most is how GOOD, satisfying and fulfilling it is to stop merely being busy and to become focused and organized on what matters most.  Truly, we can all spend all our time doing the “stuff” that needs to get done and the stuff we feel we “should” do and then the stuff others want us to do – this busy stuff IS endless.  But, we are pushing those things down the list and making the goals and where we want to be in 1, 3 , 5 and 10 years the priority.  The busy stuff, oh my..it CAN wait..it really, really can wait!!  To be free from the pressure of busy and to be free to engage in the stuff everyday that will change our lives – that is worth going off the map!! When I’m doing the important things that take me one step at a time closer to achieving a goal, I’m satisfied.  Why?  Because  it’s moving me FORWARD.  The little stuff, yes it needs to get done..but it’s too easy to keep doing these little things that won’t really move you forward in life and then where are you in 1, 3 5 or 10 years?  In the same place still thinking you “don’t have time” to do these important things or wishing you’d lost the weight or wanting to exercise or wishing you’d written your book or whatever it is.

NEW MINDSET: When I do CCP’s I see what I need to do each day as life changing and exciting instead of overwhelming!!  Let me tell you…I don’t miss feeling overwhelmed!!  I look at my day and my CCP’s and my heart and mind and spirit lift in response instead of feeling “oh shoot, how will I ever do all this??”



Let me encourage you:  BE  the best YOU you can be and create the BEST life for you and your family…Push the stuff aside and decide..what YOU really want…and then go off the map with us…..

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this….so share!!


Until next time….Thanks for reading…

1 thought on “Off the map #7 of New Mindset, New Results”

  1. I haven’t read my e-mails in months. It was inspiring to read your map#7. It’s so interesting to me how your life changes from one thing to another. When life was perfect for you it again changes to some new program. I sure wish you joy in the new things you are learning.
    However: you need 6 children and 7 grandchildren to slow down your life. lol. JL

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