52 weeks off the map

Off the map #5

Well, here I am on Monday of the 10th week of going off the map! Remember that our purpose in going off the map was to change our lives – our health, our relationship with God, to think differently and to become the best we can be.  Let me start with the easy stuff first and update you on the categories and how we are doing.

Pilates:  Robert continues his practice – yay.  My personal practice is going great and I’ve upped to 2 private lessons per week.  Pilates School is going good – my mind is getting sharper about studying and memorizing and thinking/assessing – all of which are requirements for the program.

Blue Zone – Well, something switched in the way we think (finally!) and we are in a pretty good groove.  Yay!  We are both still a little high on sugar – but much higher on the Big Dog Salad and daily power nutrient shakes.  I’m feeling better and know that sugar will keep notching itself down in my life.  Here’s my new phrases: Sugar kills my brain.  Fat kills my heart.  Veggies and Whole Grains bring mental clarity, longevity and energy. This helps me choose more carefully.  The heavily documented and researched links of sugar to alzheimer’s and other brain problems is very convincing and in societies where very little sugar is eaten, there are very few incidents of alzheimers and the like.

Zig Ziglar/Graham Cooke – The quote in my Zig day planner today is:  The single greatest cause of poor self-image is the absence of unconditional love.  As we go deeper into our Graham on Developing your Destiny and deeper in Zig regarding developing a healthy self-image – it’s very clear that both of us are starting to “get it” and believe what God says about us!  I have had some situations that in the past, prior to these 10 weeks, I would have had a much harder time handling.  But, we a strengthened sense of Identity and an improving self-image I can be a lot more steady on a daily basis and surprises more readily without believing they are my fault, or that I caused it or that I’m being rejected.  Oh, yes…I look forward to continuing this journey for 42 more weeks.

Walker Meditation – we took the 30 day challenge.  Robert did ok.  I did pretty good.  I have such a strong devotional “system” already that I don’t think this method is better than.  I’ll stay with my current method.  However, I think if someone is not journaling or reflecting and meditating on the Word and messages heard; this is a GREAT system to begin doing just that!

Sabbath – Ahh…..Love, Love and Love.  What can I say?  The more we take our day of rest the more rested I feel.  Even with a full schedule and a lot of loose ends and some big surprises lately, I’ve rolled with the flow.  Sabbath is helping me to go deeper into God’s peace and rest.  It’s also a natural “pacing” – knowing that an intentional rest is coming…I can stay focused and steadily on task during the week.  Mentally, I’m getting better at “shutting down” the thinking circuits so I can just BE and ENJOY.


On the more reflective/philosophical note:

The word fulfilled from that last post is now a standard by which I assess how I’m doing.  If I am not feeling fulfilled, I check in to ask, “why not?”  Once I understand why not, I try to adjust.  Sometimes this is not so easy.  The past couple of weeks, my sleep has been rough.  My brain has been so active studying and learning – both for school and for all the things in this “off the map” stuff we are doing.  With Robert buying and business, changes at church, changes in friendships – my brain circuitry went a bit wonky.  So, I finally (yes, it took me awhile) we to the Lord in 2-way journaling.  Ahhh….in that time with Him, I expressed all my loose ends and asked Him, “how can I settle my brain down?”  His response is below as recorded in my journal.


The Lord said to me:  Oh Kimberly,  it is a full set of circumstances right now all lined up.  It’s ok to have your circuits lit up – quite natural actually.  So, deep breaths.  I’m enough.  I have you.  I’ll never leave you until I’ve given you everything I’ve promised you.  Find some REST in knowing that while your circuits may be lit and disconnected, I am fully operating and in perfect control.  And no, we don’t have to tighten up the circuits and reconnect them all at once.  I have all the time in the world because I am the creator of TIME.  So, it may seem to you like these things need to be taken care of sooner and that they are just “running around” willy nilly in your mind.  But, take them captive….just place them in a box, close the lid. Quiet yourself and allow me to guide you in the right way at the right time to deal with each and every one of these. Rest my love, rest knowing I am sovereign and I’ve got you.  You’ve done a fabulous job navigating and I am so pleased to see you walking out your transformation and the renewing of your mind in the circumstances that I’ve allowed to come your way.  I’m not asking you to shove things aside or bottle things up…just to gather all that’s in your mind up and put it under my sovereignty and remind it all that is’t subject to MY TIMING.  No urgency, no striving, no fretting.  Allow the lights on the circuit of your mind to start dimming and settling as you embrace  these truths:  I am your Abba Father and I love you without reservation, perfectly. For all of eternity you are my daughter.  Rest your mind knowing that Jesus is sitting at my right hand and he is interceding for you each and every moment of every day.  Know that the Holy Spirit is your guide and comforter and you are FILLED with Him.  Know that you are in Christ and Christ is in you.  Know that you know that you know these things and allow these powerful, truths to settle everything that feels lit up and undone.  Let it wash all over you and all through you.   Breathe in my love, breathe in my peace..my shalom and let it wash all over you.  There you go.  Enter my rest.  Claim my rest.  Rest in my rest.  Feel yourself unwind as you put all these loose ends that require attention aside.  Trust me to lead you to sort them all out at the right time.  Breathe in my shalom.  Exhale the chaos.  Breathe in the truth that I work ALL things out for good.  Exhale doubt, exhale concern, exhale any confusion. Trust me and at the right time, we’ll open the box you’ve put these loose ends in and together, we’ll handle them ok?!  

So, I learned a LOT about how to quiet my brain and how to give Him all the loose ends.  Wow huh?  The more I understand I am HIS DAUGHTER….the easier it is to just rest in that and look out at life from that perspective!

So, as we continue to stay off the map – growing in many areas I say to you – this is WORTH it.  To commit to changing at any age, to collaborate with God, to connect with Him and to know that although this requires focus, humility and challenge…the other option is not an option.  The non-option is to stay the same.  I say Lord, bring on the change!!


2 thoughts on “Off the map #5”

  1. I’m cleaning our emails and reread this one. Sounds like you guys are very dedicated to regularly reading together. That’s so great.

    I find your comment about sugar s d your brain interesting. We will have to talk more about that sometime.



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