52 weeks off the map

Off the map #4

I want to start with a definition.

Fulfilled: Feeling happiness and satisfaction. Providing happiness and satisfaction.


Last night, as I was winding down and heading to bed, I felt a certain way.  This is a new feeling.  I’ve been feeling it more and more frequently.  So, I decided to pause and reflect and ask the Holy Spirit, what is this?

The Holy Spirit answered fulfilled.


Oh, wow, fulfilled.  I can get used to this feeling.  Happiness.  Satisfaction.

With Pilates school, I’m learning the skill and art of setting crystal clear priorities (CCP).  I mean really saying, “what HAS TO GET DONE?”.  Then I do that FIRST, to completion.


This IS not being busy – I have been busy in my past.  It’s about intentional choice and that means that every moment is more alive, more real, more of an experience.

School may be what thrust me into this high level CCP lifestyle. But CCP’s have increased my enjoyment, experience and presence in more of my moments.

This is NOT about planning every moment.  But because the crystal clear priority things were completed fully; I could decide of the non-critical things what to do or not do.  In last week’s case, I truly enjoyed and relaxed throughout our entire day of Sabbath on Saturday and on Sunday I applied CCP to what was on the “to do” list and was able to have an impromptu coffee date with a friend AND sit and watch an entire football game with Robert – no guilt, no distraction…just pure enjoyment of the time. Let me say, it is amazing how much “to do” can truly wait without negative consequence!!!!  Please reread that last line, because it has the potential to radically change your life!!!

Yes, I think that Pilates school has been a gift on so many, many levels and this feeling of fulfilled is one I’d like to keep experiencing more and more of.


Pilates – on track and on target. The more I practice.  The more I learn in School.  The more i LOVE Pilates and the more I want to help others experience and understand this incredible method of body/mind/spirit exercise.

Blue Zone Diet – added beans, sugar reduced and big dog salads are going to be reintroduced this coming week.

Zig Ziglar/Born to Win/Graham Cooke – Developing your Destiny – truly an impressive body of work with incredible wisdom. I see both Robert and I growing tremendously from flooding our mind with Biblical thoughts, encouraging words and strategies to Win in every area of life. With Graham, our idea of who God is for us and all the “upgrades” and opportunities God presents is really enhancing our understanding of Abba Father and Holy Spirit along with how much of what Christ did for us was about FREEDOM and FAVOR in THIS life!

Walker Meditation – This is going ok.  It is a beautiful system for getting mileage out of any spiritual message you watch or listen too.  I mainly use it for Sunday sermons and meditating on those scriptures and thoughts through the week.  The nice thing is the timing.  Our church updated Mission/Vision/Goals/Values recently and so our messages have been going over those – again, God’s timing because this dovetails beautifully with Born to Win and Developing your destiny.

Sabbath – What can I say?  I am a believer that the Sabbath was made for man and not man for the Sabbath.  As we are intentional I can see both Robert and I not being so “empty” and “striving” during the week.  I imagine that the compounding effects of a Sabbath rest every 6 days will be like compounding interest in a bank account!  God truly knows best what’s best for us!!

Thoughts???  I’d love to hear them.  Please share these posts if you feel encouraged and blessed by them.  Thank you so much for reading!!

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