52 weeks off the map

Off the map #3

Well, we are ending our first month “off the map”.  This month has gone by so fast! Perhaps it’s all the “new” we are incorporating at once at some level.

What we imagined, or more accurately what I imagined is we would launch ourselves in more deeply upfront.  Instead, it’s more like wading in the water, feet, ankles, calves…you get the idea.

So, here’s a quick recap and then I’ll share some “aha’s”

Pilates – School has been a huge shift in my world!I I’m enjoying every moment of it but it’s been a radical adjustment.  I feel like I’ve got a bit of a “groove” on that feels like a “win”.  Because of this radical school thing, I’ve ended up battling some anxiety and while me and the bully anxiety went a few rounds, I struck some deep blows!

Blue Zone Diet – uh, well,  not good at all here! Sugar consumption way down and veggie consumption on the rise.  Whole grains and beans – I’ll tackle that in October.  Step by step. Forward although certainly not perfect..but direction over perfection!

Walker Meditation – one week in and we are both loving it.  It’s a well organized spiritual journal and spiritual focus system.  Robert has set timers on his phone so that he can take several minutes serval times a day to reflect and meditate.  I reflect before I start work and during my lunch break.  I can see the power of these consistent small moments.

Born to Win – We are listening to Zig each morning right after listening to Graham Cooke. It is amazing how these 2 powerhouses from different generations and with different approaches communicate nearly identical things about identity in Christ, and truly being born to win.  With Graham we are listening to his Developing your Destiny mentoring series.  Often, we will listen twice or even 3 times to a particularly eye opening teaching.

Sabbath – AHHH…We look so forward to Friday evening through Saturday evening.  Honestly, it helps me “push” a little during the week knowing that a rest IS coming.  The long term implications of a weekly 24 hour rest are looking brighter and brighter to us.  As always, the Lord was right…man wasn’t made for the Sabbath, the Sabbath was made for man!!



  1.  I’m learning when to push and when to brake.  I’m basically  just a pusher! I’ve counted on God to help me push through some school work when I wanted to just not think or do and His strength has been sufficient for me.  I’ve also learned that during a week (like last week) when the load is a little lighter..don’t push ahead, enjoy a bit less work but also take time to review some of the stuff learned – a compromise that was right on.
  2. Patience with myself as we adjust to new routines.  Like my devotions are now in the evening instead of the morning since with listen to Graham and Zig in the morning.  Many evenings I’ve flat forgotten to do my devos!  Now, I ENJOY devotional time…but I’ve done it in the morning since 2004. In the past, I’d have beaten myself up good for forgetting to do devos. Now, through God’s grace and the renewing of my mind,  I’m able to say, “‘m on my way…It’ll all come together, God loves me and He’s ok with this”.
  3. Special times: Robert and I sitting with our earphones on (we share a pair) on the patio love seat listening and learning together in the mornings is…PRICELESS.  To share our thoughts and what “hit” us is such good conversation and to be so “together” in this from the start is so awesome.  Again, I think the long term implications are bright!!
  4. Lastly, this thought is a HUGE and a new one and not fully processed.  Recently, I’ve experienced some relationship difficulties that look very much like relationship difficulties I have faced in the past. The shame I have felt.  The confusion.  The”I’ve been wronged” again of pride/anger.  The “I’ll love ’em anyway but just stay in a safe spot”.  The fear of an “end” to another relationship.  UGH…Then, listening to Graham today, he said that WHAT IF theses repetitive things was God showing us “come this way.  Come around. Come up.”  And it hit me – I immediately saw a brick wall and each time I see this ole brick wall, I turn and RUN.  Today, I saw God inviting me OVER the brick wall – He tossed a rope over and said, “Come on…I’ve wanted you to come up over this wall when you were 15 and every time you’ve run into this wall since then.  Will you come over the wall this time??”  I replied, “Oh Lord YES…help me come UP and OVER so the brick wall can be behind me and I can move FORWARD.”  That’s all I know right now.  When, I’m up and over…I’ll share more!

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2 thoughts on “Off the map #3”

  1. So good! When I saw the title “off the map” I was picturing “an off road vehicle” rolling throught the terrain. A little bumpy and some surprises but I know He’s got you and you’ve got this!

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