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Remember, tell and believe!!

One morning about 5 years ago  after I “retired” from triathlon coaching and racing, the Lord spoimg_1703ke to me and asked me to take down all my triathlon photos, medals, posters etc. It shocked me  because the Lord had blessed me so abundantly during those years.  Through the tears, I pulled everything down and put it in a backpack I’d received as schwag at a race.  I then put the backpack into storage in a closet.


One morning, just 2 weeks ago, as I was praying about my Pilates career, the Lord told me to pull out all my triathlon stuff and put it up in the Pilates studio. Again, the instruction shocked me.  I asked, “why Lord?”.  Oh I love that the Lord speaks to His people!  He said, that putting it up would be a reminder of all He had done for me during my triathlon racing and coaching years and it would bolster my faith, hope and confidence of all he planned to do for me in my Pilates practice and career!! What a difference 5 years can make.

About a day later, I pulled out that back pack and pulled out my memories.  Yes, very emotional.  I remembered so much and the Lords’ hand was in all of it – everywhere!

I picked out some of my favorite things and got a visual in my head of how I wanted to arrange this altar to the Lord on the wall in my Pilates studio.  Today, with Robert’s help, it is up.  After Robert got everything hung up for me, we stood back and looked at it.  With tears in my eyes I hugged him and thanked him for making my vision a reality.  He looked at me and said,” This wall has many stories to tell.”  True! So not only is my triathlon wall a reminder to me, it can be a conversation starter and I’d be thrilled to tell of the Lord’s goodness!!
When I pulled it all down 5 years ago.  I was broken hearted but obedient.  Never did I imagine the Lord would tell me to put it up again!!

Remember all He has done.  Tell of all He has done.  Believe in all He will do.

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