CALM – Managing emotions in the heat of the moment

This is a very short post!

The truth is that I have historically reacted too emotionally.  I have let my emotions and what seems important or what I seem to need in the moment drive me.  Needless to say this isn’t good!  So, the Lord has been showing me over the years how to manage my emotions instead of letting my emotions manage me.  Today, He gave me a great insight and lesson on this.

First, read how Esau sold his birthright to Jacob.  Even if you’ve read this many times before…read it again.  Genesis 25:29-34.  These short 6 verses tell the story of how the current need being met can cost you in the long run so much.

So, what to do when emotions are high?  Here is an acronym and a grid to stop and put your thoughts through to manage emotions. CALM

Clear – What is seeming urgent?

Alert- what does the Holy Spirit see?

Lessons – what lessons and wisdoms can I apply right now?

Manage – what do I need to do or manage in light of the BIG PICTURE?


I applied that to a situation I encountered just last night and it put the whole thing into proper perspective.  Allowing me to be CALM and at peace focusing my responses, choices and decisions on the big picture.


I hope this helps you too!!

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