Pilates – Your body and Your budget

I want to be a line item in your budget.  Here’s why!
We spend lots of time shopping for clothing, shoes, make up, hair and nails – all things to put ON our bodies…yet many of us invest so little time and effort INTO our bodies themselves. We spend lots of time on the internet, on Facebook, etc. In fact, recent studies show that the average American is spending 14 hours per week on tv alone. So, really it’s not about time and money.  It’s about redistributing time and money.
Why Pilates?
In August 2015, I took the leap to become a Pilates Teacher. Why? Because Pilates  helped me recover from a painful back injury.  As I worked with my clients, I could see that Pilates was one of the most powerful exercise methods to help anyone and everyone move with greater ease, greater strength and balance.  Pilates is adaptable for someone just getting out of rehab or finishing sessions with a Physical Therapist.  Pilates is ideal for any athlete seeking to improve their performance and reduce injury. Pilates is great for someone who desires to perhaps exercise and connect to their body for the first time in their life.Pilates is great if you are short on time because it can incorporate cardio, strength and fitness into each session.  Pilates is precise movements with precise breathing making it highly effective – no more doing endless sets and repetitions.  It is not boring, it is challenging mentally and physically.  Pilates equipment allows a teacher so much adaptability and flexibility making sessions highly creative and individualized for the client.  I know teaching Pilates is another tool in my toolbox of helping my clients get fit and achieve their goals.
Now, back to your body and your budget……
First the challenge.
1.  Are you investing in your body or just investing in putting stuff on your body?   What would happen if you transferred some of that investment into your body?  Perhaps you wouldn’t need new jeans…you’d love the ones you already own.
2.  If you do invest in your body…is your investment paying off?  Do you look better, feel better and move better?  Has this investment improved your life? See, Pilates translates from your sessions to your life. That’s the point of it – results!
3.  To the athletes – you’re invested and investing in your body or are you?  Do you empty the tank but don’t replenish it often enough? What if that achilles, knee or back issue stopped interrupting your training plans?  What if you could move with greater efficiency and thereby improve power and/or speed?  What if…..Pilates was your “secret” performance ingredient?
Now, the invitation
 You’re invited to try Pilates with me.  I’m taking the Pilates journey and loving every single minute of it and so are my clients!  My pricing is affordable for two reasons. 1.  Because I’m learning to teach Pilates comprehensively. (I will graduate in April 2016 and hope to pass my PMA-CPT test by 7/31/16) 2. Because I also want Pilates to be a line item in your budget. Pilates is a practice and that takes time and investment.
You can start small – a 90 day commitment or you can start “all in” with a 6 month or 12 month commitment. 2 visits per week are minimum and 3 visits per week produce near magical results! Your commitment level reduces the cost per session.  Visit Visit https://kpministry.com/605-2/ for details.
I would love to start the new year with 2 new clients.  Perhaps you’ll be one of them!
Pilates works. Pilates is an investment.  Pilates will take time.  But, Pilates works.
Won’t you consider giving it a try? Contact me at kpatallas@icloud.com – I’d love to hear from you!

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