Being Real

Attempt #2, sorry.  Had technical difficulties correcting the title.

This is a super fast post.  Unplanned.  But must quickly write these words down. Perhaps someone needs them today!

Genuine:  actual, true, free from hypocrisy or pretense, sincere.

Authentic: real, not copied, not false, conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features.  Made or done the same way as an original.

We, as disciples of Jesus, are called to be genuine.  We are to replicate Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit and so we become Authentic Christians (aka Christlike).  So we produce His essential characteristics.

We all have a high calling (to become an authentic Christian) and human weakness (that sin problem).  So in relationship with each other we remember this:

1.  That we are all legally taken care of.  Christ paid the legal debt of our sin (death).

2.  We are each to daily maintain the relational aspect and responsibility of our sin through daily confession and repentance and thereby receive forgiveness from God. This keep our relationship with God unhindered and intimate.

Now, #2 above has a distinct impact on our relationship with each other.  Through #2 above we maintain relationship with God and this allows the Holy Spirit to work in us to make us authentic Christians.  Without this, we can not be genuine. But, if we accept that we need to do #2 daily because we want our relationship with God to be unhindered, this also makes us able to love our neighbor as ourselves because we can now be genuine. There is NO need for hypocrisy, pretense or false sincerity.  We are “straight” with God! So we can be humbly genuine with others. There’s a long list of things that will change to our benefit (no time to fully think this through at the moment) but the first ones to come to mind is how quickly we will be able to forgive others, we will become and stay humble, we will find it much easier to love others too!

When we get real (honest) with God by confessing and repenting and then receiving His forgiveness we can be genuine and extend to others the permission to be genuine as well.

To be genuine is a freedom.  That freedom is paid for through the act of confession/repentance and then the receiving of God’s immediate forgiveness. Freedom is always worth the price of admission.


Ok, as you were today. I’m going back to my originally scheduled programming.

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