Why do I want it?

tsunamiYesterday afternoon I wrote about why I want more of Jesus in my life and what I was willing to do, change and adjust in my life to position  myself physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to get more of Jesus.  In other words, to shift from a place where God/Jesus have a section in the pie chart of my life to where Jesus is the place from which all revolves in my life.  Some of you may ask why?  Why does she want this?  Should I want this?  Do I have this?  Do I want Jesus like this?

To tell you my why, I will quote from the blog of Beth Moore that I read a few minutes ago.  Thank you Beth for taking just one aspect of the goodness of Jesus (grace) and capturing it’s truth and beauty. (I have taken a little liberty and used severe restraint to limit myself to highlighting just three no, four of the most amazing aspects of Jesus’ grace for me this morning.  If you ask me later, I might highlight three four different ones.)

If you know my Jesus like this, please like this post!  If you don’t yet know Jesus in this way, let me urge you to begin to do whatever it takes to experience  the  grace wave of Jesus roll through your life like a big tsunami each and every day!


Grace is an inflated raft that can submerge to the floor of a sea to save you.

Grace is the silver thread that stitches up the shreds of mangled souls.

Grace is the eye that finds us where it refuses, there, to leave us.

Grace calls the waitress to the table and sits her down to wash her feet.

Grace sees underneath the manhole on a street of self-destruction.

Grace is the air to draw a breath in the belly of a whale.

Grace is the courage to stand in the shamed wake of a frightful falling.

Grace is the only fire hot enough to burn down a living hell.

Grace waits with healing in His wings when we’re too mad to pray.

Grace is the gravity that pulls us from depravity.

 Grace races us to the Throne when we make haste to repent and always outruns us.

Grace treats us like we already are what we fear we’ll never become.

Grace is the doorpost dripping red when the angel of death grips the knob.

Grace is the stamp that says Ransomed on a life that screams Ruined.

Grace sets a table before me in the presence of my enemy even when my enemy is me.

Grace is the cloak that covers the naked and the palm that drops the rock.

Grace is divine power burgeoning in the absence of all strength.

Grace proves God true and every self-made man a liar for the sake of his own soul.

Grace is the power to do what we cannot do for the Name of Christ to go where it has not been.

Grace is a room of a thousand mirrors, all reflecting the face of Christ.

Grace is…

The eye popping

Knee dropping

Earth quaking

Pride breaking

Dark stabbing

Heart grabbing

Friend mending

Mind bending

Lame walking

Mute taking

Slave freeing

Devil fleeing

Death tolling

Stone rolling

Veil tearing

Glory flaring

Chin lifting

Sin sifting

Dirt bleaching

World reaching

Past covering

Spirit hovering

Child defending

Happy ending

Heaven glancing

Feet dancing…

Power of the Cross.

Jesus Christ, Grace Incarnate.

Copyright 2013 Beth Moore

Tomorrow I will write about 11 years in the dessert and shift #2 in the J-Wave of my life!  Today, I will just celebrate the grace of Jesus!

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