Get quiet and get rocked!

Hint and lesson on how God rocked our world: Remember what God has said to you. In quietness He will guide you. The vision may not come to pass overnight, but don’t forget what He said! Robert Patallas and I kind of remembered, but got side tracked for awhile. God works very sequentially and sometimes there is a little time between sequences and sometimes there is a lot of time. Keep the vision He gives you in front of you. Use His Word to keep you focused. Keep watching and listening, trusting and making decisions in light of the vision! We have had to undo or regret a few decisions we made.

Not sure you hear? Then, get quiet! Dial down the busyness, the distractions. There is no way to hear His still, quiet voice in the noisy world we live in. It’s hard to do and tough choices need to be made. Keep simplifying and getting unbusy until you can hear!
If you can’t hear, you can’t follow. If you can’t follow you can’t go, be and do all God has planned for you before you were born!

Gods voice may be quiet, but it’s clear and undeniable!

“Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left”.(Isaiah 30:21 NLT)

To us God said in 2011, ” Get mobile, get digital, downsize, get free to follow.”

Stay tuned more hints and lessons tomorrow!


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