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What Gumby the deaf and blind Great Dane taught me

20130621-204741.jpgYesterday, I had a couple of meetings scheduled at a local Starbucks. As I selected an outdoor seat, there was a woman sitting with this gorgeous 125 pound Great Dane, Gumby. He had a harness on that told me his name and also informed me that he was both deaf and blind.

As I watched them, I could see her immense love for him and her dedication to him. I could also see his trust in her. He had to. He was somewhere he couldn’t see, surrounded my a world he couldn’t hear. Reliant on her to guide him and keep him safe. Gumby was lucky to have her. His fate could have been death or ending up with a caregiver that didn’t care. She talked about how he had recently gone from seeing some shadows with one eye, to now not being able to see anything and how hard that was for him. She said that today he would be a little bored because he wasn’t going to doggie day care and would be spending the day with her! Wow, she loves him, cares for him and is clearly trying to provide him with the best possible life.

She has a big responsibility. Gumby has to have “big” faith and trust the she will do what is best for him!

Gumby is lucky, his caretaker is a good woman with his best interests at heart! He doesn’t have a choice of who to trust, he has to trust the person who adopted him. We however, do have a choice. Who are you trusting in? And to quote Dr. Phil, how is that working out for you?

For most of my life I placed my trust in myself. I realized at 39 that I wasn’t doing the best job of this. When I looked around, I saw that many people weren’t really doing any better than I was. I am not talking about the outward stuff of jobs, career, vacation, cars and money. I am talking about that veneer that I had to create to cover up my lack of peace and self-esteem to show myself and others that I was “ok”, “happy” and worth something. I wanted deep security, deep satisfaction, peace, contentment and happiness. That’s what I wanted and what I was absolutely missing.

I realized there had to be a better way! So as if on auto-pilot, like somewhere deep inside knew where to go, I went back to church. I pronounced that Jesus was my savior and I would trust Him to guide me and take care of me. Over the last 12 years, I have, step by step, learned to trust in, follow and obey Jesus. It would be a ridiculous understatement to tell you that Jesus is doing a much better job of guiding my life than I was!

As I get to know Jesus more I am gaining, bit by bit, a deep security, a deep satisfaction, peace, contentment,  tremendous joy, lots of hope for the future and confidence in His plan for me. Whatever I have had to let go of, whatever ways and behaviors and choices I’ve had to change to line up with what the Bible instructs, have been worth it.  He has never asked me to let go of anything that I have missed!  Jesus knows what is best for me and I trust in Him…more completely each day.

Gumby really touched me yesterday as I watched him calmly trust her. I realized that I want to more calmly and even more fully trust Jesus. He has proven himself trustworthy time after time after time!


2 thoughts on “What Gumby the deaf and blind Great Dane taught me”

  1. This encouraged me today. So silly not to trust the God of the universe, even in the slightest way! But we are human and in need of encouragement. Thanks for this post. Mom

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