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Can I share a secret with you?


Last night, I woke up remembering Isaiah 40:31.

Isaiah. 40: 31 MSG

But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don’t get tired,
they walk and don’t lag behind.

As the verse came into my mind there was one word that really, really hit me as the key to the entire verse.  The word?


No, I’m not screaming at you dear reader.  But the Lord was getting my attention last night and shared a big secret with me!

I’ve been a “ready, fire, aim” kind of a person. If there is something that needs to get done, let’s do it, now! If there is a problem, I want it solved now.  If there is a question, I want it answered now.  If there is anything uncertain, I want it certain now. Shouldn’t all questions and things unsolved, unsorted and “unfigured” get solved, sorted and figured out as soon as possible?

I’m kind of being dramatic and funny.  It is true that in the past four to five years, my faith in God has helped me to settle down and leave things unsorted for a bit of time and that is an improvement.  But, waiting on the Lord is not what I have done well. Through this verse, God has motivated me to wait, but before I explain why follow me to another question before I wrap this up ok?

Have you ever been through a phase in life and although it was a very, very good phase (or even just a very, very bad phase. I’ve had those too) it just left you pooped?  Your energy just sapped and drained?  Perhaps because it was a big load to carry or the pace was accelerated or whatever.  I’m on the tail end of the recovery portion required after a phase in life like that. I’ll bet you can relate.

As I look forward and ponder and begin to seek God’s direction for my next steps, I look around at some men and women that I feel are a few of my heroes in ministry such as Joyce Meyer, Bill Hybel, Andy Stanley, Beth Moore, Louie Giglio, David Platt to name a few. How do these people run huge organizations, speak, travel and write prolifically?  Where on earth do they get the energy?  The strength?  The stamina?  The time? Do they sleep? How do they just not collapse? How do they do this year after year after year?

God shared their “secret” with me.  Their secret is waiting on the Lord.

When we WAIT on the Lord, He will give us fresh strength. 

We won’t need to dig deep and find strength that comes at a very high price.  The price of strength from the Lord is the cost of waiting.  I don’t think there is a cost in waiting on the Lord! What I believe He is saying is, “Wait on me to do what I want you to do and you will have plenty of strength to do it.”   Why would I want to get ahead of Him and not get fresh strength?

When we WAIT on the Lord, He will give us the ability to soar.

Can you see an eagle, high in the sky, wings spread just doing exactly what God made him to do? I am sure that the eagle feels great soaring in the sky, gliding on his wings aren’t you? When the Lord releases us to do what’s He has planned and prepared us to do we will soar. Why wouldn’t I want to soar?

When we WAIT, He will give us enduring energy.

It will be a supernatural, God powered energy.  It will be enough energy.  It will be so much energy we can run and not get tired.  Why wouldn’t I want that kind of energy?

When we WAIT on the Lord we won’t lag behind.

So many times I have felt like I’m just trying to keep up, trying to not get behind. God says that when we wait on Him, we won’t get behind.  Why wouldn’t I want the ability to know and be confident that I not behind?

Strength. Soaring. Energy. Staying on pace. These are each promises that God will fulfill for us when we WAIT on Him.

Why would I ever not WAIT on the Lord?

I am seriously motivated to wait.

I hope that you are too.

(remember, I’m not on facebook this year…so any comments or feedback, please reply on this blog page.  Thank you!)

2 thoughts on “Can I share a secret with you?”

  1. Kim, this is abolutely perfect and well said. You inspire me as well as my pastor.


  2. Kim, I have searched your blog and did not find Go No Go. trying to find it to send to Lynn. Mom

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