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30 day results of the 180 nutritional turnaround

It has been just under 30 days since I wrote about my nutritional 180 degree turnaround!  I gave up all animal products, I use no oil or added salt when cooking , I reduced my sodium intake to 1500mg or less per day, added sugar to less than 24 grams per day and I’ve tracked my nutrition in an app called Lose it! 5 days per week. I am on a plant based, vegan eating diet based on the recommendations of Dr. Esselstyn, Colin Campbell Phd, Dr. MacDougall and the Engine 2 diet.  So, what are the results?

What I’m tracking                                      Beginning                                     30 days

Weight                                                                119                                                    117

Bodyfat %                                                        27.5%                                               26%

Cholesterol                                                      219                                                   191

Blood Pressure                                               155/90                                              135/85

What do I think?

This is pretty awesome!! I am just thrilled with 28 points off my cholesterol in just 30 days.  Without drugs!!  My LDL is 94 (they want to see it under 130) and my HDL is 83.  Blood pressure – my doc thinks I have “white coat anxiety” because the initial reading this week was 155/90, then she chatted me up and distracted me and it came down to 135/85.  So, I’m going to buy a blood pressure cuff and track it at home and see if I’m ok.  She believes I am.

Two pounds and 1% on weight and bodyfat.  Certainly that is not earth shaking, but it is a trend in the right direction and weight is not my primary motivator – my health indicators are my primary motivation. But, I need to get further away from 30% which is the beginning of obesity.  So, perhaps another 5 pounds and all will be good in this area.

How do I feel?

I feel GREAT.  I have energy. I do not have cravings.  I am full.  The Lose it! app has me on 1265 calories per day  and I can eat a lot of plant based foods for that amount of calories.  I am never hungry unless I’m under my calories for the day by more than 100 calories.

Is this hard?

NO.  It is actually very easy.  Part of the ease is that I decided this was all non-negotiable.  So I don’t sometimes eat meat or sometimes cook with olive oil or sometimes eat a pizza with cheese.  I don’t eat animal products or oil. I have found some great and very easy recipes in the cookbooks by the Happy Herbivore, Lindsay Nixon.  Check out her blog Happy Herbivore.  I use Engine 2’s website alot and the Forks over Knives cookbook.  I also follow Engine 2 and Wicked Healthy on facebook for more information and inspiration.

What does my husband, Robert think?  How does he feel?

I’m so glad you asked.  For years, Robert has gone on every diet experiment that I’ve wanted to try.  He’s a good sport.  We’ve tried a ton over the last 18 years.  He likes this one best and he says he sleeps better, his arthritis bothers him less and for the very first time he said that this diet has made him feel really good.  He has never said that before! He plans to get his cholesterol checked out in the next week.  He has lost 7 pounds!

So, I am truly encouraged.  I love this way of eating.  Everything tastes so good.  Our grocery bill has gone down about 25%.  We do a fruit and veggie smoothie or juice nearly every morning plus oatmeal or a southwest tofu scramble, lunch is usually dinner leftovers from the previous night.  Our dinners always include our famous Big Dog Salad and then a “side’ that is perhaps veggie lasagna or cajun cornbread casserole.  I’ve added a couple of recipes to this blog and I’ll enter even more as I can.  The resources I’ve listed above can help you find great foods; just remember to plan your menu around whole foods based on veggies and beans.  It can be easy to get caught up in vegan biscuits or cupcakes or whatever – keep it unrefined and very whole.  Nearly 70% of my calories are coming from carbohydrates that consist primarily of veggies, beans, whole grains like rice, potatoes, corn tortilla’s and oatmeal to name a few.

I had lunch with a friend today and she asked,” Now what?” Now what?  Now, I continue on eating this way, that’s what.  I feel great.  My health indicator numbers are trending in the right direction.  I don’t miss anything that I’ve given up.  In fact, I don’t feel like I’ve given up anything.  I only see this as a gain in my life.…..what about you?  Ready to make some changes?  You can start small or you can go 180 like me.  It doesn’t matter.  But the fact is there are foods that lead to death and foods that lead to life!  I recently went through my huge recipe file and threw out ALL my recipes that didn’t go along with this plant strong diet!  I kept one teeny tiny folder of a few special recipes that I found very hard to part with.  I’m not sure I’ll ever make them, but for now I’m keeping them.  I labeled the folder “Delicious foods of death”.

Below are the weekly recaps from my tracking in the Lose it! app.

You’ll notice that my sugar is higher than 24 grams.  24 grams is the amount of added sugar allowed.  95% of my sugar has been what is naturally found in the foods I eat.  I have had to really cut back on my fruit intake!  I was a fresh fruit junky.  Three servings for fruit is plenty per day.

Fat Carbohydrate Protein Cholesterol Sodium Fiber Sugar What I’m tracking
15% 70% 15% <200 <1500 25 24 Goals I’m shooting for
Actual % Averages for the week Actual Daily Averages
22.3 59 18.6 31.2 1872 30.6 36
19.5 67.8 12.7 20.4 1023 25.4 37
20.5 67.3 12.2 21.3 1674 28.6 45.9
20 66 14 4.1 953 29.4 43.6

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