Plant Strong Nutrition

14 days in and I feel great!!

It has been two weeks since I said, “no more” to a diet that was mostly healthy.  I chose to radically eliminate much of what I now refer to as “death” from my diet.  I continue to be super motivated, the way we are eating food  is so amazingly delicious and I don’t miss anything…nothing! If you missed my blog post about my 180 degree diet change because of my health indicator numbers, here it is.

Week 1 I committed to:

1.  No DAP (dead animal product) no LAP (no live animal product as in the animal was alive when it furnished the product like eggs or cheese). If it had a mom or a face..I’m not eating it.

2.  No added salt when I cook.

3.  No added oil.  None.

4.  I also am using the app Lose it!  I’m tracking every morsel I put in my mouth five days per week. I’m monitoring calories, sodium, cholesterol, fiber, sugar, protein, carbohydrate and fat.

Week 2 I committed to (in addition to week 1):

1.  Black coffee or only coconut milk creamer.  Coffee beans are 1/2 caffeinated and 1/2 decaffeinated.

The numbers I am shooting for are based on a wonderful article written by Mark Sutton that you can find here: the nutritional numbers.

Based on a 1200 calories per day diet

14 grams of fat

24 grams of sugar

1500 mg of sodium or less

200 mg of cholesterol or less

2400 calories per day

28 grams of fat

36 grams of sugar

1500 mg of sodium or less

200 mg. of cholesterol per day

I have been shooting for 15% calories from fat, 70% from carbohydrate and 15% from protein.  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and  Mark Sutton recommend fat at 10%; I do not have cardiovascular disease for right now, I’m happy shooting for 15%.

My results for the past two weeks are posted at the end of this blog post. From week 1 to week 2, I’ve moved closer to the targeted goals.  The sugar seems to just creep up on me and I am not consuming any straight sugar!  Just what naturally occurs.  I am consuming some fruit, but not a lot; Certainly, not anywhere near what I am used to consuming in both the fruit and  the added sugar departments.  The first week I easily had too much protein and that all came from beans and tofu! I expect that in a few weeks, I’ll have these numbers dialed in a bit more.  I’m averaging about 1200-1400 calories per day for the 5 days that I track.  On Saturday and Sunday, I give myself a break from tracking and relax.  But, I do not stray from the goals set above; I just lighten up the reigns a bit and I know that my caloric intake goes up which is ok too.  I have lost 2 pounds so far; I can live with that.

How do I feel?

Honestly, I feel amazingly good.  Better week 2 than week 1.  I feel alert. My energy is on an even keel all day and  I’m sleeping really deeply! So far so good!! I haven’t had any cravings.  I haven’t missed anything I’ve given up.

I thought that giving up dairy would be hard.  Then I watched a video with Dr. McDougall speaking on The Perils of Dairy and that did it for me.  That presentation eliminated any desire I might have for dairy ever again.  Seriously.

I have created or found some really great recipes and I will post some recipes over the next week, so check back for some seriously yummy and flavorful food.  I’ve shared some of this food with friends and they love the food.  I think you will too. And, our grocery bill is going down and not up!!

Credit where credit is due

I read the story of Karl,a guy who “had legitimate excuses” to not take up this lifestyle.  Reading Karl’s story challenged me and encouraged me equally, I think you’ll find it inspiring as well.  Karl’s story.

Want to feel better, look better, live longer, live better longer, train harder and get better results, keep your family healthy…then come on…you don’t need to track how I’m tracking but you do need to just TURN AROUND from the food that is literally robbing you of health and life. Want to get started?  See resources at end of my prior post here.  I’ll give my next update in two weeks with the results of my blood work as well.  Diet by the numbers and the plant  strong lifestyle, I’m loving it and… super importantly, so is my husband!

  % Averages for the week Daily Averages
Target 15% 70% 15% <200 <1500 25 24
Week End FAT Carbo PRO Cholesterol Sodium Fiber Sugar
9/1/12 22.3 59 18.6 31.2 1872 30.6 36
9/7/12 19.5 67.8 12.7 20.4 1023 25.4 37

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