Spiritual Growth, Triathlon Training

Stick it!

On my way to coach this morning I had two roads converge in my mind and I was reminded yet again how much swimming has taught me about life.

Road 1:
I was reflecting how much immediate change I saw in an athletes’ swim during a private coaching session . My thoughts at the time were, ” remarkable the improvement. I hope she will hang on to it and stay focused on it long enough to make it stick.”

Road 2:
Again, I was reflecting. This time on an overriding theme in my devotions the past few months. The theme has been “what’s important? What am I focused on? What are my values? My priorities? Do they show up in the choices I make with my time, my money, my thoughts??”

Whenever I’m meditating on road 2 I realize just how much I am barraged by the pressures, distractions and “shiny” things in life and how my answers to the questions in road 2 are not reflected as I would like in how Iive my days. That is always disappointing and heartbreaking.

In swimming, to make an adjustment in your stroke “stick”, you have to focus on it every single stroke, every time you swim. That could take a week or a month or two. It just depends!

In life, that’s what it’s going to take to have my values show up in my choices . Focusing on one at a time until that adjustment sticks.

Simple yes? Easy? Not so much!

To focus means by definition that other things will have to go out of focus. In swimming, if I am focusing on my hand entry, my kick may falter . Not forever , but the kick may falter until the hand entry change becomes natural (no longer requiring focus).

In swimming, I encourage the athletes to focus on one and maybe, for more experienced swimmers, two things at a time . They may have more than that to work onbut, if I give them 5 things, their chances of successfully changing many things at once is low. So, I pick the most important thing. The thing that will make the biggest difference for them.

In my life, I tend to try to change, adjust or improve too many things at one time. I allow myself to do this but, I know better!!

Today swim coaching and life coaching converged! I give myself permission to work on one thing. The rest can wait ! I’ll get to them.

As in swimming so goes life . As the swimmer “sticks” a stroke change, their overall swimming improves!

In life, as I focus on one value, priority or change at a time until it sticks, my life quality, overall, will improve.

An improvement in a swim stroke will offer the swimmer the ability to swim faster with less effort .

An Improvement in life, allows me the ability to live each day a little more reflective of my values and priorities.

One stroke change at a time .

One life change at a time.

In swimming a coach can make a huge difference!

In life, having the right coach . The right example is even more important!

I chose Jesus as my savior, example and life coach .

As I change, one thing , one day at a time, Jesus gives me all the strength, power, understanding, feedback and encouragement I need!

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