Triathlon Training

Small Steps

I am grateful today for small steps in my recovery and rebuilding as a triathlete. Today in yoga, I was able to do spinal rotations! Six weeks ago these were impossible and if I even tried, I’d be wrecked for a couple of days. Monday, in pilates, I was able to truly engage my core and I have a wonderful deep core soreness today! I can wake up and make coffee without have to stand one legged in pain. I am finally ok with the fact that doing yoga and pilates is enough for me right now. Oh sure, I could squeeze in some elliptical, I could do a short bike ride ( not in aero position of course). But I don’t. When I’m ready, I’ll make the time.And I’m ok with this understanding and have let go of the “wow, you’re a slacker” self talk.
And probably most importantly I truly still love this sport but, if my body decides that it can no longer do triathlon…I am ok with that too. In God’s arrangement of my life, if a return is not a possibility for me..then my last race was at the 70.3 World Championships. Yes, I would love to return..but if I can’t…my last race was truly an amazing world experience. There is something sweet, although bittersweet about that.

Yes, I remain hopeful. Yes, I am making progress. Yes, I am accepting of uncertainty. I believe that uncertainty presents possibility!!

I know for certain that the yoga and pilates are rebuilding me into a much stronger athlete. This makes me appreciate the injury that has forced me to go back to square one and lay a better foundation. It is on this solidly strong and flexible foundation that I will overlay swim, bike and run….should my body and my God have that planned for my future.

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