Triathlon Training

Entering a new phase!

Week 4 is ending and week 5 of the come back is beginning. There are 2 parts to this blog.


I missed writing last week.

Week 3 I took off 5 days w/ family in town.  I enjoyed the relaxed pace and the time w/ them.

This week has been a good week.  I completed 100% of the training that I planned plus I added a 45 minute bike ride in.  This is the first in a long, long time.  My back felt ok during it and it was awesome to push on the pedals.

I am swimming well.  I can feel the rhythm of my stroke coming back.  Each master’s session I feel stronger.

I am not running – even a little bit seems to just tighten my low back.

I plan to do 3 bike rides this week – 1 in cycle class w/ TaT and 2 -30 min. on my own.  Zone 2, easy peasy.

I’ll test drive some strength and continue faithfully w/ yoga and pilates.

The highlight of the week is that I did have a pretty big break through this week in regards to my back.  An athlete generously gave me a one hour massage with my massage therapist, Lesa Lomax.  I saw her on Friday.  She worked really hard (ouch!) on the area of my back that I call “the hitch”.  I have felt the most relief in months since that.  But, she also told me to tell my body to “let go.  It’s ok.  It doesn’t need to hang on anymore.”

I know that sounds a little out there.  But, I took her advice as I often do and voila!  My body is definitely responding to the freedom.  I walked for 40 minutes today and the hitch didn’t get hung up once.

The question I am asking myself is this…is hanging on to something merely physical in my body or is there something emotional I’m hanging on to as well?  I don’t have the answer to that, but you can count on the fact that I’m asking God to show me what I might be needing to let go of.


I decided that I would do baseline testing w/ my Try a Tri team this past Saturday.  We were to do a 1 mile mahr run (running at our highest aerobic heart rate) and then 1 mile AFAP (as fast as possible) and then a time trial swim of either 500 yards or 1000 yards. I would pass on the afap as my back probably wouldn’t be too happy if I tried to run yet alone run fast.

So, on Saturday morning, I put on my running shoes and heart rate monitor.  Remember I said I wanted to look forward and not back?  Well, I’m committed to that BUT..I couldn’t resist the urge to look up my last mahr mile.  It was 9:16.  Yesterday’s mahr mile was 15:36.  Ok, that’s where I am and I’m going to train smart so I don’t stay there.  Humbling, yes.  But, on the other hand – it just is what it is and I’m really ok w/ that.  For a few minutes, I wanted to do that afap mile – geez, do you think my ego was bruised or what?  Then, I realized, that I would tell an athlete, “don’t stress. You won’t see that number again and next time, you’ll have a big improvement because training works.”  I told myself that and very quickly became ever so grateful for a team of athletes that support me as an athlete.  They were so encouraging despite the fact that their coach had the slowest mahr mile of the day!!

The  500 yd. swim was fun.  Paul and I did it together.  My goal, keep up w/ him and apparently he had the same goal.  We finished in 8:17 and I hit the wall just ahead of him..but I know Paul…he gave me that and let me hit the wall first!


There’s hope and improvement for my back. I’m enjoying the come back trail and plan to be mindful and aware of each phase.  It will help me appreciate the journey and I’m just sure it’ll help me improve as a coach.



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