Park your pride in the parking lot along w/ your car.

Wed masters swim:

Warmed up in my lane.  Moved down 2 lanes for main set. It was a reality check, seeing my time and new paces in print, on a hand out!  Tough.

But I just couldn’t do the main set in my lane.  It felt wrong to have those paces assigned to me and stay in that lane. I earned my way into that lane and I want to earn my way back into that lane.  So, I moved.  Swam 2 x 200 w/ a friend and then she had to leave and I finished the main set on my own.  The good thing about being in a lane by myself  – I led them all!  I own those times.  I mentally worked through it.  Pride –  yep, it kinda hurts a bit.  But, hey it’s only swimming.

Main set was 5 x 200 leaving on 4:00.  I came in consistent on 3:22 or 3:23.  8 x 100 leaving on 1:55.  Consistently came in on 1:38 and 1:39.  I felt this workout cardiovascularly the most and secondarily that my stroke is just rusty.  I felt better the more I swam besides my arms getting tired.


Oh how I love to swim and oh how I’m going to enjoy each phase of this journey.  I’m starting over.  I’m starting where I am and I know I won’t stay here!!

I’m practicing the things that I’m constantly saying as a coach.  This is definitely good for me.  A good reminder.  A good perspective shift.  I’m truly glad to be in this position and I’m really excited to just see where this journey leads!

Consider the pride parked.  Consider the past the past.  Focus on creating a new future chock full of excitement, learning and potential.

Onward.  Forward.

“Start where you are.  Use what your have.  Do what you can.”  Arthur Ashe


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