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Yoga, lemons and putting on shoes – comeback week #2

This was the second full week of my “come back”.  Here are my thoughts and things I learned this week.

1.  The Master Cleanse – I started out the week by committing to following Stanley Burroughs Master Cleanse.  This is a very old cleanse and detoxification diet.  I have never in my life fasted for 24 straight hours and I’ve only done a big detox once before, back in the late 90’s.  What prompted me to do this?  Well, I really want to take more control over my health through nutrition.  After reading the China Study, Thrive and watching Food Inc. and Forks over knives, I am truly convinced that, through nutrition, we hold more control over our health as we age than we even possibly truly comprehend.  To me, this is very, very exciting and empowering.  So, I made it 2 days out of 10 on the Master Cleanse!  Yikes.  That’s what, 20% – not hardly a passing score but yet… whenever I try a diet, I learn.

I have literally tried nearly every diet out there.  I’m passionate about food, being healthy and staying lean so I try and then I apply what works for me.  After 25+ years of doing this I’ve really developed the “Kimberly diet”.  The master cleanse added to my Kimberly diet.  I learned that I CAN go without any food and coffee at all for 48 hours!  I learned that an empty stomach isn’t a bad thing and that I won’t feel horrible if I’m hungry.  I learned that a lot of lemon juice will make me very nauseated (which is why I quit after 2 days), that grade b maple syrup tastes yummy and is loaded with nutrients and that smooth move tea does just that.  I learned that in just 2 days I can get rid of a LOT of toxins and waste in my body and that when I do, I am lighter physically and I am brighter mentally.  So, I will absolutely do a 1-2 day master cleanse again in the near future.  I do believe it will be part of what I do.  I do believe that I’d time it with a recovery week, because I wouldn’t want to be in a heavy training week when I do it.

I know that the bowl of grape nuts with almond milk I had after 2 days of the master cleanse is probably one of the most delicious meals I’ve had in my life!

Would I recommend the Master Cleanse?  Should you give it a try? Sure. You might make it all 10 days, you might read it and say, “no way” or like me, you may try it and make it work for you.  You can find 2 different books about it – one written by Stanley Burroughs who came up with it in the 1940’s or 1950’s and one by Peter Glickman who has revived it and stay true to Mr. Burroughs.

2.  My back.  Oh my back is getting so much better.  No, it’s not right yet and it can still get cranky very quickly.  But it is so much better.  I can easily put on my shoes, shave my legs, bend over to pick something up and turn around in my car to get something out of the back seat.  Those may not sound like things an athlete would be so pleased to do and yet, I am.  I am very pleased to do these things.  I attribute much of this improvement to a great Kinesiologist, Dr. Z and to great yoga and Pilates instruction.   In particular, yoga has been very healing for me and since I started doing yoga 3-5 days per week 3 weeks ago, my back has improved by leaps and bounds each week.  As I do the yoga, I am becoming very aware of my limitations  and how different my right side can be from my left!  As I sat in a yoga class today and worked on opening up my hip muscles, it occurred to me that one of the reasons my running seemed to level off or even regress despite my overall fitness reaching new heights is that my hip muscles, especially the ones responsible for external rotation were keeping me from having proper range of motion in my run gait! So, as I continue with my come back, I’m committed to making yoga and pilates EQUAL in importance to my swimming, biking and running.  Indeed, I’m committing to making yoga, pilates and strength my fitness base and putting swimming, biking and running on top of that solid foundation.  My goals as an athlete are longevity, injury prevention and continual improvement.  I’m pretty convinced that the only way to do this is with a foundation of strength and flexibility.

I did the following this week:

Swim 1 out of 3

Walk 3 out of 4

Yoga 3 out of 3

Pilates 1/2 out of 2 (missed one due to being sick, walked out of one b/c back got cranky)

Mini strength 2 out of 2

(The main reason for missing  workouts was being nauseated.)

This coming week:

Pilates 1

Swim 1

Walk 3-5

Yoga 1

Mini – strength 2

I have family in town and can’t schedule more than that.  If I can, I will add in more yoga.

It’s going to be a long, steady and patient road back.  I am truly enjoying it and I believe that it is making me a better athlete and a better coach.

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