Triathlon Training

Taking my own advice

As they say, things are often easier to talk about than actually do.  This week, I’ve learned a lot in that area.

First, I completed:

1 swim

3 walks

3 yoga

1 pilates

I’m happy with that.  I missed master’s on Wednesday b/c I just plain stayed up too late on Tuesday night.

In regard to taking my own advise, I am frequently telling those I coach the following:

Be patient with yourself.

Go slow and listen to your body.

Start where you are you won’t stay there.

I showed up to master’s swim on Friday and was told that Wednesday they did the 1000 yard time trial that we do about 3 times per year.  Darn.  I was hoping that our coach would have put that off just a couple more weeks so I could get in better shape.  Well, my lane buddies had all done their testing on Wednesday.  So I partnered up with a friend and we decided to split the lane and do it together.  I was not really nervous but I was pretty sure it was going to hurt.  I hadn’t swam more than 300-400 yards straight since April of this year.  So, I push off and wish that my friend was only just a little faster and I could draft..that didn’t last but 25 yards. She was way faster! So, here I am focusing on swimming as fast and steady as I can and trying to count out 20 laps and I don’t want to swim 21.  At the half way mark, I briefly looked at my watch, it said 8:37.  With that split, I knew there was no option to slow down, which I really wanted to do.  Because any slow down would well…not be good.  800 yards in, I was thinking, I could just throw up.  900 yards in I kind of chuckled and knew that there wouldn’t be a big final 100 yard “kick”…just a struggle to hold on to the pace I had.  I finished in 17:28.  Now, last week I said that I threw out all my numbers so that I could start this second phase in triathlon without looking back or being hung up.  So, the trouble with that is that I remember my last time. It was 16:09. But, I am determined to not look back.  Start where I am.  I am where I am.

Ok, 17:28, that’s where I’m at.  Geez, I was hoping for under 17.  Geez, 17:28, I haven’t swam a 1000 yd. TT that slow in 3 years.  Deep breath.  Ok, well, that’s where I’m at.  I haven’t swam much, haven’t trained at all and this is what happens with 5 months off.  Ok, forward ho.  I’m good.  I just hope that I can keep swimming with my lane buddies.

Later in the day, I decide that I will swim wherever my swim coach puts me.  He knows best.  I trust his decision, I won’t beg to stay in my lane.

Even later in the day, I’m talking with one of my athletes and a light bulb goes off!  Hey, 17:28 is way ok.  It says that my training was EFFECTIVE.  I wasn’t wasting my time.  I was fitter and faster when I was training.  So, it would mean that my training wasn’t effective if my time had only just a little slower.  Before this lightbulb, I was relaxed and settled into my new speed. However, with this realization, the peace became even more deep.  I’ve always trusted a training plan and now I’ve got proof positive for the faith I have in following a training plan.

17:28.  That’s where I am.  I won’t stay there.  It’ll be fun to see what changes and improves between now and the next 1000 yd time trial. I’m patient.  I’m going to enjoy this come back journey!  Stay patient, take it easy, don’t rush it, no set backs…..This is the smart way!!  I tell others this.  I tell myself this.  I will do this!

Week 1.  Done and very satisfied.

Week 2

3 yoga

1 pilates

3 swim – 2 masters, 1 short on my own

3 walks

Try to do a couple of super short strength classes withOUT aggravating the back.

Onward and Upward.

2 thoughts on “Taking my own advice”

  1. I read your blog with great interest and appreciation for your walk with the Lord.

    Your comment, “…I decide that I will swim wherever my swim coach puts me. He knows best. I trust his decision, I won’t beg to stay in my lane” spoke to me. I took it to another level – a reminder that I needed today. I will “swim” wherever my “coach” (my Heavenly Father) puts me because He knows best, I trust His decision, and to beg to “stay in my lane” may not be the place where I will develop as He wants me to.

    Thanks for sharing your progress:)

  2. Wow, love what you got out of that!! Thanks for sharing!! Your Coach will put you in the right lane, His decisions are best!! Very cool and thank you for sharing as well!!

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