Triathlon Training

The come back

This is the first day of making a slow and patient comeback to the sport of triathlon.

Brief History: I started 2011 by training for a full Ironman distance triathlon.  I got  sidelined due to achilles tendonitis.  Since 4/26/11 I’ve swam a bit, I’ve done a little Pilates and I’ve dealt w/ a painful low back and sciatica issue.  I’ve also relaxed and taken a big break from training, exercise and having a “regimen”.  Much of this, besides the aches and pains, I’ve enjoyed.  See, I was in a state of “got to” regarding training instead of “get to”.

Purpose:  The purpose of blogging and tweeting this come back is threefold.  1.  So that I commit to tracking my progress, something I’m not very good at.  2.  So that I can show others that training and the process works!  As a coach, I’m always saying “start where you are, you won’t stay there”, “listen to your body”, “recover”, “be patient”, “stay in zone 2, not one beat over”.  I’ve longed lived by those words, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had to walk in zone 2!!  So, now I have to start where so many of my athletes start, square 1. Ready to hold me accountable?  Good! 3.  To look forward and not back.  I haven’t raced since 11/13/10.  I want to make come back without looking back.  So, on the desk right now, I have my detailed history of nearly all the triathlons I have done since 2004.  I am not who I was.  I don’t know yet, who I will be as I redevelop myself as a triathlete.  So, I’m throwing out that old spreadsheet. I’m pressing forward, not looking back.  Whew…that was hard as all get out. But tossing those records gives me freedom. Now, I won’t be held back or hung up by the past.

Goal:  Savage Man Triathlon 70.0  2013.

(Yes, 2013 is the correct year…I plan to take my time, build up nice and strong and healthy, no rushing.)

Training “Plan” for the upcoming week:  Each day do something – 20 to 30 minutes of walking, some core work.  Each week swim at masters at the Northwest YMCA twice and do Yoga at least 3 times.  No daily schedule, listen to my body and respond w/ the right training.  If the back stays happy, then I’ll  try a short and easy kettlebell workout and participate in Wednesday night strength class with Try a Tri as my body allows.

Today’s Training Sessions:  A zone 2 walk for 19:11, average hr of 119 and calories burned of 78.  Felt good.  This was a slow walk on a beautiful fall morning.  If my music got peppy so did my walk and I would find myself up to 133.  Oops, slow it down, slow it down. I’ll go to a Yoga class today at 2:00 pm.

Daily: Follow me on Twitter at kimtri3, I’ll post what my training each day consists of.

Weekly: I’ll post a new blog w/ how the past week went and what I “plan” for the upcoming week.

I’m happy to finally be at the point where I am ready to very slowly begin again.  I haven’t been ready mentally and neither has my body.  I don’t think I’m ready for a lot..but I’m ready to start.  I hope you’ll join me, I’m excited to see what unfolds and what there is to learn in this my  second season of being a triathlete!

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