Spiritual Growth

Things I have learned

It has been quite some time since I’ve written a post.  I have been processing a lot of stuff and trying a new approach to living and life.  While I’ve certainly got more to learn, I have learned a lot lately.  For that I am grateful.  Learning means growth and growth means improvement and improvement means a better life! God has brought me through some difficult emotional and relational circumstances and 2010 was a difficult year.  So, my response to difficult is to ask God to teach me so I don’t have to experience unnecessary stress, difficulty or pain.  In other words, I want to learn the lesson He’s trying to teach me the FIRST time around!

So, here’s a bullet list of things I have learned.  Perhaps you’ve known this and will nod your head and perhaps you don’t and can learn from this. Either way…we are all on a journey and a process and the process is about learning to be more like Jesus and to live the way God has called us to live and do what God has called us to do.

  • Listen to my husband – he’s smart and his instincts are good.
  • Be careful in relationships – watch behavior, talk is cheap. Loyalty and truthfulness are qualities to both give, receive and expect.  Time will tell.  Don’t expose myself too soon.
  • That forgiveness is tough but not impossible.
  • That trust is like physical fitness – it needs to be built up and if lost needs to be rebuilt again.
  • That healing takes longer than I ‘d like it to and to trust God to bring the healing as only He can.
  • That the natural response to hurting is self-protection and some selfishness.  Be careful when hurt to not let protection and selfishness get the better of me.
  • That friendship is TWO ways – both parties giving.  That ministry is ONE way.
  • True friendship is a rare and precious gift.
  • That Jesus has called me to love and expects nothing less but that He also tells me to: seek first to understand and then to be understood, to see people as they are and where they are without expectation, to behave,respond and set expectations according to where they are and as they are.
  • That I TRULY want to live by God’s principles to escape unnecessary pain.  Some pain is inevitable and I accept that, after all Jesus experienced extreme suffering.  But, some pain is avoidable and that’s the pain to try to eliminate by staying close to God, knowing His Word, doing what the Word says and listening to my husband.

There are times when I learned and it was exhilirating.  These things I’ve learned lately, have been deep and life altering.  I believe that everything works out for the best for those who love God  and that everything has been purposeful and useful.  I’m a better wife, a better friend, a better coach because of the experience and learning that God has graciously brought me through!  Joel Osteen opens his sermons with the same prayer his daddy used to pray before he preached and part of that prayer say this, “I’ll never be the same, in Jesus name.”
And no, I am not the same.  I am wiser, smarter, more loving more compassionate than I was.  Thank you Jesus you are a humble and gentle teacher.

I have another post lurking and I’ll give you a taste  – it’s about spending and being spent…stay tuned!!

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