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How do I say thank you?

At 8:35 pm last night, I received a gift.  One of the desire’s of my heart posted on my new 4×6 prayer card.

Well, as many of you know, I wrote some birthday thoughts yesterday.  The primary theme of the birthday thoughts were waiting patiently for God to give you/me the desires of our heart.

Last night I taught strength class for my Try a Tri athletes.  Nothing unusual about that.  Afterwards, one of the athlete’s said that she had made homemade organic cupcakes to celebrate.  Another athlete had brought iced tea and water for everyone.  Fun.  I love cupcakes!!  Especially homemade organic cupcakes.

We all hung around eating cupcakes (yes, cupcakes, not cupcake).  As I talked and ate, I also looked around and noticed everyone was just kind of hanging out.  Now, usually, everyone leaves pretty quickly after class because they get up very early on Friday mornings.  But, last night everyone was hanging.  I thought to myself, “Wow.  I love seeing them hang out and chat like this!”

Then, the cupcake woman said, “Coach we want to give you something.”  Without instruction and in less than about 10 seconds all the athletes surrounded me in a circle.  Was my face red?  Probably.

Cupcake woman hands me a card.  I pull the card from the envelope and there are notes ALL over this card.  So many notes from so many athletes that I tear up and can’t wait to go home and read the notes.  That there are so many brings tears to my eyes.  I read the card.  Then, with slight impatience, cupcake woman says, “open the piece of paper in the card coach .”

Ok, so, I open the piece of paper.  Here’s what was written on this piece of paper.

Coach, God said Buffalo Springs and you went with anticipation and faith, He showed up there.  Now He is saying Clearwater and He will be there too.  You have begun an amazing journey to know Him, to know yourself and to go beyond the limits with faith.  You have invested so much of yourself in us, now it’s our turn to invest in you.  We have established an account for you at Bicycle Pedaler with a balance of $1025.00.  We believe in you and your future.

With God’s guidance and Robert’s patient, enduring love, you created a village.  Every life in this room has been blessed by your love and faith.  Thank you for seeing the potential in us and for helping to make our dreams come true!  Love, your Try a Tri Villagers.

Holy WOW.  I could hardly read this note because of the tears and getting terribly choked up.  I was and am stunned at their awareness of the need.  I was and am overwhelmed and almost speechless (almost) at the generosity of their gift.

Of course, the thinly veiled desire of my heart referred to in yesterday’s blog was race wheels. Little did I know what God was doing.  Little did I know, what these TaT athletes of mine were brewing.  Never would I have imagined that they would be so ridiculously, crazy generous.

Well, guess who’s going to Clearwater with race wheels?  ME.  Race wheels provided by God through my wonderful Try a Tri athletes and our favorite bike shop, Bicycle Pedaler!!

How can I say thank you?

Well, dear Try a Tri village athletes – THANK YOU.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness, your generosity.  God has certainly worked through each of you to make getting a desire of my heart a reality.  THANK YOU for the privilege of coaching each of you.  I love each and every moment coaching Try a Tri and appreciate each and every one of you.  It is a privilege and an honor to be your coach!!

God is faithful.  God provides.  God is good.

In response to yesterday’s blog, one of my athletes sent me the mission statement of an organization called Overcomer’s.  There is one particular piece of a sentence that applies directly to what transpired last night.

“God offers himself as our traveling companion but He often “wraps himself” in the flesh of human beings who act as His ambassadors.”

Dear Villagers, you are ambassadors!!

I called my mom and dad on the way home to tell them and read them the note.  I cried telling Robert the story when I got home.  I woke up several times in the night and had to pinch myself.  The alarm went off this morning and I reached over and told Robert, “Hey, yesterday was my birthday and do you know what I got?  I got the desire of my heart provided by God through my athletes.”  And yes, more tears of joy.

How do I say thank you?


3 thoughts on “How do I say thank you?”

  1. After you called us last night, I called Aunt Judy and she was in the WOW stage of reaction. I praise the Lord with you for the wonderful athletes God has given you and their tremendous generiosity. I’m so proud of you and Robert agreeing to wait until God made the provision for race wheels. Amazing. Love you.

  2. I can see in your post yesterday God readying your heart for His gift. What an amazing God we serve!
    How wonderful is his love for us that He knows our heart and answers our prayer!

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