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Prep Race report for Buffalo Springs 70.3 on 6-27-10

My Half Ironman History

Race Time A few details
Cancun 70.3 9/07 6:33 Great swim, 2.5 hours in rain on bike, 2nd 1/2 of run IT band blew up and walked most of it.  Still a GREAT first 1/2.
Kansas 70.3 6/08 ? pulled off course at mile 11 of run due to lightning Swim – horrific, petrified, hung on buoys, clobbered in head.  Bike – strong and fun.  Run – mentally couldn’t get control of legs until mile 6, then kicked it in and was cruising to finish in about 6:13….
Kansas 70.3 6/09 5:56 A PR.  Great swim, great well paced bike, didn’t ride too hard.  Solid run on 7:30 run and :30 walk routine.  Had surgery-5/18/9 and almost NO training for the weeks leading up to race.  I learned what rest does.
Lake Stevens 70.3 8/09 ? DNF knee cap dislocated on bike. Swam off the front of the swim wave for 1st time.  3rd in AG on swim.  Bike – rocked it until knee blew up, was on pace to finish bike in 2:45.  HARD to not go on.  Lesson learned, be prepared to race walk.  If I had even thought of that I would have. This race gave me the confidence to think to attempt to qualify for 70.3 World Championships.  Would have finished 3rd on bike IF knee had cooperated.  “would have”..grrr….

Facts about my training for BSLT 70.3

Averaged 91% of my planned training.  Training plan based on 500 hr. annual per Joe Friel.
I have trained nearly 300 hours for this race.
I have run 2 x 13 miles + mulltiple 10-mile runs.  The MOST I have ever run prior to a 1/2.
Biking is feeling solid, and during a training ride I rode 87 miles at 18 mph in zone 2.
Had killer swim a few times w/ Jay averaging lots of 1:30’s on little rest.
Won 1st place in my age group at KC Triathlon even though I screwed up at the finish line.
Trained and acclimated to heat.  I know I’m sensitive to heat, but I’m prepared for heat.
Practiced race walking and know I can hold a 13 min. pace should that be a good strategy on Sunday.
My old hamstring injury has not even briefly chatted to me. This has allowed me to do more running than I have in 2 yrs.
My running has improved and I’ve seen more miles logged on my Garmin at 9:30 pace than ever before.
My breathing while running is not right at the moment.
I have read and practiced several excellent run visualizations that I can arm myself with and use on race day.
Emotionally I am excited, feel loved and supported and the overriding word to describe my state right now is ANTICIPATION!
What I wrote in my 2010 plan as goals for this race: swim 36 min.

Bike 2:45

run 2:00

“my best time could be a 5:38”
What I  am planning swim 35-38 Bike 2;45 – 3:00 run 2:00 – 2:15 transitions under 2:00
2008 top 5 women times by sport 27:36-34:20 2:41-2:53 1:42-1:53 T1 – 1:54-2:12

T2 1:35 – 3:00

2009 top 5 women times by sport 34:32-40:28 2:49-3:04 1:43-1:56 T1 1:36-2:17

T2  1:42-2:01

Calculations of time from great to good from:

Swim T1 Bike T2 Run Total


2:00 2:52

19.5 mph

1:30 2:07




2:00 3:01

18.5 mph

1:30 2:17

10:30 min/mile


Well, it’s evident that I am a contender in swim and bike and I’ve got more work still to do on my running, eh?  No worries, I’ll keep after it.  Swimming took me 5 years; I’ve got 5 years!  But, I’ll bet running comes faster than swimming.

Ok, qualifying for World Championships 70.3 –  not impossible; circumstances are in God’s control.  I want what God wants for this race.  I’m planning to race with all I have to give and all He has placed inside of me!

I love numbers.  They tell the truth.

Nutrition plan

Dinner Saturday – a nice piece of fish, big salad and some yummy carbs like rice, potatoes or pasta.  Fruit for dessert.

Breakfast in the am – 1/2 pbj and a bowl of muesli with banana and fruit

Bike – 800 calories taken in as gu and clif lemonade/carbo pro.  Tons of water – to drink and dump through the convenient little design in  my aero helmet.

Run – clif lemonade/carbo pro – in my 20 ounce hand held bottle (thank you, Matt Morrow, for this little tip) plus oodles of water, ice, sponges for cooling, etc.  and perhaps a gu.

I’m not afraid to hydrate and get lots of nutrition.  I have practiced in temps from 80’s – 100’s so I am ready.

Swim strategy

Even though I will be intimidated, go off the front of the wave.  This has worked well in 3 races, so go for the 4th race.  Swim strong, straight and tough.  Hold real estate if I get bumped.  Look for clear water and possibly someone to draft?  That’d be nice.  Feel good and enjoy this part of it.  Humbly grateful to now have confidence and enjoy the swim.

Bike strategy

Pay attention to heart rate (140ish at all times with a creep to 150 on a couple of the tougher hills) and how legs feel.  Do NOT trash legs.  Repeat do NOT trash legs.  Swimbikerun. Not swim+bike+run. Track average mph on Garmin consistently.  Hold cadence and be patient in the first 10-12 miles.  Deal smart with the hills – lighter gear, higher cadence.  Hold steady and strong on flats – don’t let up.  Ease up last few miles to prepare legs for run.  Take ALL planned nutrition and hydration.

Run strategy

Don’t believe the lie about “feeling good. I can hold this pace” that happens when I don’t “kill” the bike. Watch average min/mile pace, watch Hr, pay attention to heat/humidity and wind.  Focus on form and the road coming to meet me.  Run MY run and don’t worry about anyone else.  IF it’s horribly hot – then, ok to do some speed walking around mile 8 and 9 to recover a bit to have a strong finish.  Better to get that HR down from possible 170’s in the heat running an 11:30 or worse pace by walking a 12:45-13:00 at 135 HR and then when return to running with a venegeance the final 5k and push for 9:00’s during that time.  It’s risky and unconventional..but could be darn smart in temps over 90 degrees. Will have small cooler in transition to keep 3 baggies of ice and my 20 ounce water thing.  1 bag of ice in baseball cap, 1 bag in my hand and 1 bag in my top.  Start off as cool as possible.

Mind focus

I am confident beyond reason because I am confident in Christ!!

I don’t give up, give out or give in.

I AM the Lord’s warrior

Song – Revolution by Starfield

I’m a fire.  I’m a flood. I’m a revolution.  I’m a war already won.

My power works best in weakness

Because the Lord helps me I will NOT be dismayed.  I have set my mind like flint to do His will and I KNOW that I will triumph.

From the story of Nehemiah

He prayed:  Lord, make me successful today!!

My prayer:  May people know how great you are God by my racing today.  I race because of you and for you.  May YOU be glorified!!  It’s all about you Lord.  Please help me to race strong and smart.

Word that is making me relaxed, excited, hopeful and confident (sort of) about racing this race:  ANTICIPATION!

I can’t wait to see what God will do, how He will show up!!  When God shows up and he’s always exciting.


If I get a flat tire on the front – change it.  Do it.

If I get a flat tire on the rear – try to change it.  Watch how long it’s taking and decide what to do.  I can’t qualify if I don’t finish…

If the women at the front of the wave scare me..don’t let them, plan to draft them!

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